ESG Information Index

Information on the Daiwa Securities Group is organized from the perspective of ESG surveys and other research.

General Management

Initiatives through Business Activities
(To achieve Sustainability)

Thinking in the Securities Business
How to think about investing
Responsibility to customers and customer satisfaction
Develop and Provide Products
Inclusion (Financial Inclusion, etc.)
Analysis and Recommendations for Economic, Social and Investment Information
Investing in Businesses that Solve Social Problems



Employment and Working Environment
Diversity & Inclusion
Employee Satisfaction
Internal Communication
Labor-Management Dialogue
Human Resource Development and Capability Development
Human Rights
Health Management and Occupational Safety and Health
Financial Education
Social Contribution Activities and Corporate Citizenship Activities


Corporate Governance
Tax Corporate Governance
Risk Management
Supply Chain Management
Prevention of Money Laundering, etc.
IT Governance Structure
Information Security
Information Disclosure

External Evaluation