Communication with Employees

We believe that good communication with employees is vital for a better workplace environment. We have thus implemented a semiannual self-assessment system whereby employees can communicate their career plans to their superiors and the Human Resources Department. Under the system, employees can also communicate to the Human Resources Department not only their career visions but also their thoughts on the duties they assume, personnel and training systems, the workplace environment, and other matters. Daiwa Securities Group uses such feedback to develop an environment that enables employees to work with a high level of motivation.
To give feedback on assessment results, we conduct interviews with department and sales branch heads twice a year, thereby sharing future goals and career development with them and providing appropriate guidance and advice to each employee.
We also regularly conduct surveys on work-life balance for all employees. We incorporate employees’ feedback, and have introduced the Nursing Care Concierge Service to remove employees’ concerns about nursing care. We have also introduced a support desk for employees looking for nursery schools to ensure that those on leave can have a smooth return to work, while expanding a program for subsidizing expenses for day care and after-school child care for employees with children up to the third grade in elementary school.
Moreover, we conduct interviews with employees returning from childcare leave after a certain time has passed in an effort to resolve any worries they may have and provide a support system that employees can use until their children finish elementary school.
These inputs from employees help us to identify areas for improvement in our systems and initiatives and to create a better workplace environment.

Work Motivation Survey

In August 2018, we introduced a Work Motivation Survey as a monitoring indicator. It is designed to raise employees’ motivation to work through challenges for higher value-added operations and contribute to customers and society, thereby achieving a virtuous cycle of improved employee and customer satisfaction. Based on assessed results, we identify factors leading to increases in employees’ motivation and use such factors for various measures.

Asset Formation Support

Daiwa Securities Group helps employees make financial wellness and prosperous life by offering asset formation support. Our support includes:

  • Daiwa stock ownership plan
  • Defined contribution pension system(401K)
  • NISA
  • Communication among Employees

    In October 2007, Daiwa Securities introduced a program for supporting club activities. This program was created to help employees enjoy their time off and deepen their friendships with colleagues, building more opportunities for sharing a sense of camaraderie and solidarity. It is also intended to support work-life balance and facilitate a fuller social life for employees. The program was expanded and enhanced in FY2009. Under this program, employee groups that meet certain conditions are recognized as Daiwa Clubs or Daiwa Circles, which receive subsidies to cover some of their activity costs.
    As of March 2021, 20 clubs and five circles were active across the Group.In 2021, we introduced ANSWERS, an internal online social network through which employees can feel at ease consulting with each other, help each other with difficulties, and build networks.

    Relationship with Employee Unions

    The Group supports the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, which include Principle 3, "Businesses should uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining," and respects freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.
    Based on labor agreements signed with employee unions, we regularly hold labor-management negotiations on bonuses and other compensation and the working environment, thereby building a sound labor-management relationship.
    We also increase opportunities for learning the opinions of our employees and improve communication through surveys conducted by employee unions, direct dialogue between management and union members, and other activities.
    As of the end of FY2020, 6,640 employees belong to employee unions, and the union membership ratio is 58.7%.

    Initiatives for Families

    We work to ensure that members of employees’ families share their pride in being part of the Group. Since FY2008, we welcome employees’ families to the workplace on Family Visit Day to give family members a better understanding of our company and the employees’ jobs. Other initiatives for supporting our employees’ families include the new creation of Kid’s Ceremony Leave, Family Day Leave, and Parents’ Longevity Celebration Leave, as well as the extension of mental health support to employees’ families.

    Active Use of In-House Magazine

    Daiwa Securities Group issues an in-house magazine, "Fuji," whose history dates back to 1925, when one of the company's predecessors, Fujimoto Bill Broker Bank, commenced its publication. The content covers a broad scope, including the basic management policy, a message from top management, specific SDGs initiatives (includes ESG and improvement of environmental awareness), information from Group companies, profiles of winners of awards presented by Daiwa, overview of worksite visits on family day, explanations of our welfare and human resources systems, human rights issues, and our internal whistle-blowing system (how it works and its usage status). By including information that traverses the Group, our intention in producing the magazine is not only to engender communication among company employees but also to further the Group culture, the sense of connectedness and exchange of knowledge. At present, 20,000 copies of the bi-monthly magazine are distributed among Group executives, employees and retirees. In addition, the magazine is also posted on the work-life balance promotion website for employees, making it viewable to company employees who are currently involved in child rearing, nursing family members or are on leave from work.