Creating a rewarding workplace

Daiwa Securities Group believes that maximizing the engagement of our employees will lead to improved customer satisfaction and consequently enhance shareholder value. We take a range of measures to ensure that all of our employees feel a sense of job satisfaction and that their families and partners share their pride to be part of the Group.
We have nurtured our corporate culture since the foundation of our business, and we regard it as the core of Daiwa’s identity. We have taken steps to crystallize the basic philosophy and mindset of the Group inherent in our culture to be manifested as the “Daiwa Spirit.” We hope that the “Daiwa Spirit” will enhance employees’ sense of unity and togetherness and thus the Group’s overall strength.

Workforce Statistics

The following are the number of employees and the number of new graduates at Daiwa Securities Group, as well as the number of employees, number of new graduates, average age, average number of years of service, working hours and paid vacation usage rate at Daiwa Securities only.

Hiring Initiatives

Daiwa Securities Group wants all our employees to work with a high level of loyalty and motivation. All new college graduates recruited by the Group, including those with disabilities, are brought on as full and regular employees so that newly hired employees will be able to have a sense of trust and pride in the Group, and a sense of solidarity with their colleagues.

Diversity and Inclusion

Daiwa Securities Group proactively appoints talented human resources regardless of gender, nationality, or seniority within the company. We are making efforts to provide an environment where a diverse range of people can perform to their full potential.

Human Resource Development and Skill Enhancement

The source of Daiwa Securities Group’s competitiveness lies in the capabilities of its employees. Accordingly, we focus on the development of human resources based on the basic policy of providing high value-added solutions through the use of "Quality No. 1" consulting capabilities.

Respect for Human Rights

Daiwa Securities Group states in its corporate principles that "the Group will strive to maintain a high sense of morality and duty, endeavoring to continue contributing to the sustainable growth of the societies in which we operate." To improve a corporate culture rooted in the basic principles of respect for human rights, we are further strengthening our efforts to educate and enlighten our employees about human rights. We therefore support and respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, ISO 26000, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the Act on the Promotion of Human Rights Education and Human Rights Awareness-Raising. We have also joined the UN Global Compact.

Health Management

Daiwa Securities Group is proactively working to maintain and improve the health of its employees.
In order to achieve both "employee happiness" and "increased company productivity," we have been strengthening our health management promotion system since 2015 and will continue to do so at an even higher level in the future.

Communication with Employees

We believe that good communication with employees is vital for a better workplace environment.