Health Management

Our Beliefs and Policies

The Group's Corporate Principles include "placing importance on personnel." Based on the idea that the source of the Group’s competitiveness lies in the capabilities of its employees, we believe that we must make our employees happy as we improve our productivity. We are also seeking to create an environment in which employees feel motivated to work actively over the long term. We have set various KPI, implement the PDCA cycle, and are working strategically to maintain and improve the health of our employees.


Reduce obesity rate at age 35 by 30% by 2024
[Target] Obesity rate for 35-year-olds in FY2024 Male: 20%, Female: 8% (FY2018 results: Male: 28%, Female: 12%)

Structure to Promote

Appointment of Chief Health Officer (CHO)

In 2008, when specific health checkups and specific counseling guidance were started at the workplace, the Human Resources Department, Human Resources Department, and occupational health staff began to work in earnest to strengthen employees' health in the Group. Then, in 2015, a Chief Health Officer (CHO) was appointed to strengthen the health management promotion system, and the Health Management Promotion Section was established within the Human Resources Department.

Held "Health Management Promotion Meetings" sponsored by CHO

In addition, "Health Management Promotion Meetings," which are chaired by the CHO and attended by executives from each Group company, are held quarterly. Occupational health staff, Heath Insurance Society, employee unions, and outside experts participate in the meetings to verify and share health management initiatives.

Promote Health Management Meetings
Promote Health Management Meetings
Structure to Promote Health Management

History so far

  Main achievements External Evaluations
  • Started specific counseling guidance (metabolic syndrome guidance)
  • The Human Resources Department, General Health Development Center, and Human Resources Department started working together to promote health
  • Introduced a system for checking past health checkup results and various health information online
  • Started following-up with persons with possible medical issues with the "yellow paper" system
FY2010 Started walking and quit smoking challenges  
FY2011 Started "Eating to 80% full" (Harahachi) campaign  
FY2012 Started Red Case Support Program (for severely ill persons)  
FY2013   Received the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare "Extending Healthy Life Expectancy Award"
FY2014 Our Group's efforts were published in the "Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare White Paper" Selected as "Health Management & Productivity Stock Selection"
  • Started point incentive *
    • *Points are given to self-help efforts for employee health promotion.
      When the points reach a certain level, it is reflected in the employee's salary after age 55
  • Appointed Human Resources Officer of Daiwa Securities Group Inc. to "Chief Health Officer (CHO)"
  • Implementation of "Promote Health Management Meetings"
  • Established "Health Management Promotion Section" in the Human Resources Department of Daiwa Securities Group Inc.
  • Issued "Daiwa Securities Group White Book on Health"
Selected as "Health & Productivity Stock Selection 2016"
FY2016 KA-RA-DA iki-iki Project Introduction
FY2017 Introduced Employment Support Plan for Employees with Cancer
FY2018 Introduced Daiwa ELLE Plan Selected as "Health & Productivity Stock Selection 2019" and "Excellent Health and Productivity Enterprise 2019 (White 500)"
  • Introduced a new health checkup plan (a system that allows people to have a cancer checkup together with their regular health checkup, specific counseling guidance using ICT, online health consultation by a doctor)
  • Started health promotion measures for young customers (fitness app, counseling guidance for people in their 20s and 30s)
Selected as "Health & Productivity Stock Selection 2020" and "Excellent Health and Productivity Enterprise (White 500)"
FY2020 Introduced Daiwa Online Care Selected as "Health & Productivity Stock Selection 2021" and "Excellent Health and Productivity Enterprise (White 500)"
FY2021 Mindfulness Training for New Employees in Cooperation with Keio University

Three-Part system

Three-Part system

In fiscal 2008, we established the Three-Part system through cooperation by the Human Resources Department, the General Health Development Center, and the Health Insurance Society from the perspective of the company's obligation to give consideration to safety and promote health among insured persons, with the aim of enhancing the viability of our health business.

Regular health checkup (including cancer screening)
Daiwa Online Care Employees can access the medical office at any time from branches across Japan or from their own homes when teleworking. It provides diagnosis and medication prescriptions.
Employment Support Plan for Employees with Cancer Support for balancing work and cancer treatment
Daiwa ELLE Plan Comprehensive support for women's health
"yellow paper" Sent to employees who have a possible medical issue following the regular health checkup. Promotion of medical institution consultation
KA-RA-DA iki-iki Project
~Healthy Lifestyle~
A project aimed at raising the health awareness of all employees, including those who are indifferent to health (young customers, etc.).We introduced a system whereby employees are awarded points for taking part in health promotion events that can be exchanged for gifts such as health-related goods, healthy beverages, and donations to TABLE FOR TWO
Smoking cessation support Quit smoking program and quit smoking challenge where applicants take part in groups
Walking challenge program
(point incentive)
Participants join a group with the goal of walking 10,000 steps a day for three months. Gifts are awarded by the Health Insurance Society
Harahachi program to promote moderate meal portions
(point incentive)
Participants join a group with the goal of eating to 80% full for one month
Lectures on health literacy (point incentive) Participants learn about lifestyle diseases, exercise, nutrition and mental health to improve their health literacy
Disseminating information to all Group employees Disseminate information from the General Health Development Center to all Group employees via the company intranet
Provide a wide range of knowledge on measures to combat lifestyle-related diseases, cancer, hay fever, infectious diseases, and women's health problems
Influenza vaccination The medical office provides influenza vaccinations. The Heath Insurance Society provides subsidies, including for family members
White Book on Health Issued "Daiwa Securities Group White Book on Health"
Mental health support Stress check, mental health consultation, mental health training

Employment Support Plan for Employees with Cancer

Since 2017, we have introduced the Employment support plan for employees with cancer, a support system for balancing work and cancer treatment. In addition to flexible working systems such as short working hours and telecommuting, we provide financial support and have set up a helpdesk. We are also striving to create workplaces that make it easy to work by deepening understanding of cancer patients.

Employment Support Plan for Employees with Cancer

Daiwa ELLE Plan

In October 2018 we introduced the "Daiwa ELLE Plan" as a comprehensive support system for women's health issues. We provided support for women's menopause, established of ELLE leave (leave for menstrual/menopausal conditions or infertility treatment), improved employee health literacy, and enhanced support for balancing work and infertility treatment. In order to support the balance between work and infertility treatment, in addition to ensuring that women have time for treatment, we newly established a subsidy system for specific types of infertility treatment.

Daiwa ELLE Plan

KA-RA-DA iki-iki Project

Since 2016, the Human Resources Department, Health Insurance Society, and General Health Development Center have worked together to introduce the "KA-RA-DA iki-iki Project" targeting all employees, including young employees who have less interest in health, with the aim of further improving health awareness.
When an employee participates in a health promotion event, they receive "SDGs points," which are converted into money and donated by the company to TABLE FOR TWO. The "Kara-Iki points" collected from participating in events can be donated to social contribution activities or exchanged for health related prizes, so that employees' health efforts help to contribute to society.


  • 10 minutes per day of physical activity (Plus 10)
  • No alcohol challenge program
  • Breakfast Everyday
  • Diet recording
  • Stop eating between meals
  • KA-RA-DA iki-iki seminars
  • Harahachi program to promote moderate meal portions
  • Walking challenge program
  • Smoking cessation challenge program
Staff taking part in KA-RA-DA iki-iki Project
Staff taking part in KA-RA-DA iki-iki Project
Staff taking part in KA-RA-DA iki-iki Project

Initiatives for Mental Health

The Human Resources Department, the General Health Development Centers, and the Health Insurance Society work together to provide detailed advice to employees seeking consultations about their concerns, mental health problems, anxiety, stress, etc., while helping them to manage their mental health. Highly-specialized counseling is also conducted by collaboration between a psychiatrist and a certified clinical psychologist.

Results of initiative

The number of employees with a healthy lifestyle has increased.

Indicators to be increased
Indicators to be decreased

We were able to confirm a heightened level of employee health awareness.

Changes in the percentage of high-risk employees (those receiving a “yellow paper”) who saw doctors

Health issues

(Excerpt from White Book on Health)
The proportion of obese people is increasing as a whole. Since the number of obese people tends to increase with age, it is necessary to raise awareness of health from a young age. Especially for young people, there is a problem with lifestyle habits, such as an increase in the percentage of both men and women who do not eat breakfast. In addition to measures against obesity, it is necessary to take measures that will lead to awareness about establishing a healthy lifestyle from the start of employment.
In addition, the number of both men and women with blood pressure for which medical examination is recommended is increasing. Furthermore, a high percentage of employees with this level of blood pressure remain at the same level the next year and the year after. Therefore, it is necessary to take prompt measures to support employees who are at or above the blood pressure level for which medical examination is recommended.

Health issues recognized by Daiwa Securities Group and examples of efforts to address them

Daiwa Securities Group recognizes the following health issues and is working to address them.

Health issues

  • Reducing obesity and hypertension among employees with health risks
  • Improving the health consciousness of young employees
  • Addressing the unique health issues faced by women
  • Early stage cancer detection and treatment
  • Improving mental health

Goals for improvement initiative

Focus on obesity control and hypertension control, continue to provide thorough counseling guidance to each risk group, and encourage them to participate in the "KA-RA-DA iki-iki Project" to make them aware of their lifestyle habits.
In order to ensure that young people have awareness of health from an early stage, implement new health events using ICT to increase the participation rate. Provide counseling guidance to employees who are obese and enhance opportunities to obtain knowledge and information on health.

Investment in health management (total amount and per capita amount)

We have invested a total of 840 million yen, or 61,000 yen per person, in health management. (As determined through a health management survey questionnaire)

External Evaluations

Other related data
Percentage of obese employees 35-year-old obesity rate Male: 30.4% Female: 7.9%
Non-smoking rate 78.4%
Percentage of employees who took the stress chec 90.8%
Work Motivation Survey Work 3.3 Organization 3.2 Colleagues 3.2 Growth and career advancement 3.2 Remuneration 3.0
Number of women in managerial positions 654
Ratio of women in managerial positions 2.2% [March 2005] → 13.7%[End of March 2020] (Daiwa Securities 2.3% → 16.3%)
Rate of participation in regular health checkups: almost 100%
Percentage of employees who regularly exercise: 22%
Proportion of those seeing doctors after regular employee health checkups with problematic results in such checkups: 80.5%