Basic Policy on Customer-first Operations

Daiwa Securities Group
"Basic Policy on Customer-first Operations"

Policy 1. Formulation and publication of policies

The Daiwa Securities Group has formulated and published the Daiwa Securities Group "Basic Policy on Customer-first Operations" for providing products and services that put the customer first. Based on this Basic Policy, we strive to achieve operations that put the customer first, and periodically check and publish the state of these efforts.

Policy 2. Seeking to put the customer first

The Daiwa Securities Group believes that being trusted by customers is the source of sustained growth, and we aim to be the securities group that is the Customer's First Choice and serves as the customer's best partner by acting with sincerity and integrity while offering a high level of specialized capabilities.

Policy 3. Appropriate management of conflicts of interest

The Daiwa Securities Group engages in operations with a view not only to complying with laws and regulations but also acting in accordance with social conventions, maintains strong self-discipline based on high ethical standards, and ascertains and appropriately manages any conflicts of interest that may exist with customers to ensure transactions are not inappropriate for customers.

Policy 4. Clarification of fees, etc.

The Daiwa Securities Group communicates readily understandable information on the fees, etc. paid for products and services provided to ensure customers can conduct transactions with peace of mind.

Policy 5. Provision of important information in a manner that is easy to understand

When providing and recommending products and services, the Daiwa Securities Group provides comprehensive yet readily understandable information, such as the details of products and services and market conditions, to help customers make informed investment decisions.

Policy 6. Provision of products and services suited to customers

The Daiwa Securities Group endeavors to ascertain the individual needs of customers and provide products and services with high added value that are matched to those needs.

Policy 7. Nurturing a corporate culture

The Daiwa Securities Group will foster employees who act with integrity and have a high level of specialized knowledge, correctly evaluate their capabilities and contributions and provide an environment enabling employees to perform to the best of their ability in order to provide and recommend products and services that are suited to customers.

Major Group Companies Implementing Initiatives Based on the Basic Policy