Message from Management

Seiji Nakata; President and CEO of Daiwa Securities Group Inc.

Daiwa Securities Group formulated a three-year medium-term management plan "Passion for the Best" 2023, in April last year. Under the concept of becoming the best partner for creating the future together ("Be with you"), we are moving forward toward the goal of achieving "Customer First" & "Quality No.1", creation of a new capital recycling system through a hybrid strategy, and pursuing the best mix of digital and real.

This year is the second year of the medium-term management plan. We will work on expanding our product and services from a SDGs/ESG point of view while promoting the provision of new products and management options, including alternative assets created through a hybrid strategy. Also, the Daiwa Securities Group celebrated its 120th anniversary in May this year. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of our stakeholders.
The entire Daiwa Securities Group will continue to contribute to the development of society and the economy through the financial and capital markets and engage in the creation of a new cycle of funds for the realization of a sustainable and affluent society in order to be a necessary presence for all stakeholders.

We would like to express our deepest appreciation to our shareholders for your continued support.

June 2022
Daiwa Securities Group Inc.
President and CEO,

Seiji Nakata