Sustainability in Our Business

Daiwa Securities Group's mission is to contribute to the development of society and the economy through business operations, including wealth management for investors and support for the development of financial strategies and other aspects of corporations and public institutions. Deepening the bond of trust we share with our stakeholders is essential to the sustainable accomplishment of our mission and achievement of growth.

Role and Social Responsibilities of the Securities Business

The securities business, the core business of Daiwa Securities Group, plays a key role in society by building a bridge between the needs of investors to manage assets and those of the private and public sectors to raise funds.

Support for Asset Building

By developing and offering high-quality products that meet changing needs, we will help our customers build their assets with peace of mind.

Sustainable Finance

In 2020, the Daiwa Securities Group established a team specializing in Sustainable Finance to further enhance Daiwa Securities’ underwriting system. We strive to contribute toward spreading and expanding Sustainable Finance while offering products, services, and proposals regarding Sustainable Finance that meet the requirements of issuers and investors, who are our customers.

Sustainability-Fueled Business Expansion

While maintaining the core securities business that has been valued since its foundation, Daiwa Securities Group has started solution businesses for social problems in various fields, such as FinTech, healthcare, energy infrastructure, and agriculture, leveraging the knowledge of various securities and financial businesses cultivated by the Group.