Contribution through Foundations and NPOs

By donating through its foundations and funds and subsidizing NPOs, Daiwa Securities Group continually strives to support vulnerable populations to realize a sustainable society.

In April 2023, the Daiwa Securities Foundation was created through the merger of the Daiwa Securities Foundation and the Daiwa Securities Health Foundation.

Merged to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Daiwa Securities Welfare Foundation (established in 1994 to provide support for volunteer activities) and the 50th anniversary of the Daiwa Securities Health Foundation (established in 1972 to provide research assistance).

Research Grant

Grant results (as of March 31, 2023)
1,408 cases
Total amount: 1,381 million yen

Support for Volunteer Activities

Grant results (as of March 31, 2023)

  Number of projects receiving grants Total amount of grants
Volunteer Activities Grants 4,244 projects 995.61 million yen
Grants to activities supporting children 36 projects 17.41 million yen

As a UK charity for fostering closer ties between the United Kingdom and Japan, the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation was established in 1988 with contributions from Daiwa Securities Co Ltd.
The Foundation's Tokyo office provides local assistance to Daiwa Scholars (students from the United Kingdom) staying in Japan for about 20 months, administers grant applications from Japan and collaborates with other institutions promoting Anglo-Japanese relation.

  1. 1.Awarding grants to projects in a variety of fields by individuals, institutions, and organizations working to promote ties between the United Kingdom and Japan
  2. 2.Awarding Daiwa Scholarships to British university graduates
    (including for one-year Japanese language study, four-week home-stays, and six-month on-the-job training in specialized fields)
  3. 3.Awarding the Daiwa Scholarships in Japanese Studies, which are supported by Daiwa Securities, for students from the United Kingdom who are advancing to graduate school in the U.K. or Japan to conduct research on Japan
  4. 4.Organizing events regulatory, at Daiwa Japan House in London, which is the Foundation's headquarters, to improve understanding of Japan in the United Kingdom
    Seminars are also being held online (as webinars).
  5. 5.Organizing events in Japan in collaboration with the British Embassy and others

Daiwa Securities Phoenix Japan Program

In May 2012, we established the Daiwa Securities Phoenix Japan Program as a measure to support reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011. Under this program, we donate part of the trust fees from the investment trust "Daiwa Nippon Support Fund Vol. 3 - Phoenix Japan -."

(Collaboration: Authorized NPO Japan NPO Center)

Since fiscal 2010, the Group has provided support to the American NPO Kopernik, which was established to improve quality of life and reduce poverty in developing countries. This program is operated by donations related to the investment trusts "Daiwa Eco Fund" and "Russell Investment Global Environmental Technology Fund".

Other disaster recovery support

Contribution to Areas Damaged by the 2023 centered in the southeastern part of Turkey Earthquake About 4.15 million yen
(donation activities by officers and employees)
Torrential Rain Disaster in July 2020 5 million yen
Donation in response to damage caused by Typhoon Hagibis in 2019 10 million yen