Corporate Information

When was Daiwa Securities Group Inc. established?
We commenced operations as Fujimoto Bill Broker in 1902. Fujimoto Bill Broker Securities Co. Ltd. changed its corporate name to Fujimoto Securities Co. Ltd. in 1942. Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd was established in 1943, by the merger of Fujimoto Securities Co. Ltd. and Nippon Trust Bank. It became the first listed company in Japan to move to a holding company structure in April 1999 in separating the retail division and the wholesale division, and changed its corporate name to Daiwa Securities Group Inc..
What is "holding company"?
"Holding company" owns shares issued by group companies to control their business activities. A holding company engaging in no other businesses than holding shares is called "pure holding company". Daiwa Securities Group Inc. is a pure holding company and its shares are listed on stock exchanges.
What businesses does the Daiwa Securities Group do?
The subsidiaries and the affiliate companies of Daiwa Securities Group Inc. conduct main businesses. Core businesses of the Group are financial and investment services centered on securities business, which include trading and brokerage of securities and derivative products, securities underwriting and offering, agency of public offering, secondary offering, and private offering, and other financial operations. The Daiwa Securities Group's business activities cover not only major financial markets in Japan, but also those in America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Daiwa Securities Group provides a wide range of services matching both financing and investment needs of clients over the world through its global network.
What is the company's ticker code?
Ticker code of Daiwa Securities Group Inc. is 8601.
Which stock exchanges is the company listed on?
In Japan, the Company is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market and Nagoya Stock Exchange Premier Market.
When was the company listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange?
The company was listed in 1961 on Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya Stock Exchanges.
How many employees are working at the Daiwa Securities Group?
15,226 employees are working at the Group (consolidated group companies ) as of September 30, 2022.
What is "Committee System"?
"Committee System" is a superior form of corporate governance because of the separation of supervisory function from management. It consists of three committees such as nominating committee, audit committee, and compensation committee. More than half of directors in each committee must be outside director and not executive officer of the company. In addition, board of directors delegates wide range of authorities and responsibilities to executive officers, which accelerates management decision-making process.
What is the company's disclosure policy?
Fair, timely, and appropriate disclosure is essential for the Daiwa Securities Group to promote more understanding and fair expectations on the Group among shareholders, investors and other stakeholders. In March 2004, the Daiwa Securities Group established and publicized its new Disclosure Policy clarifying its basic stance on information disclosure. At the same time, Daiwa Securities Group Inc. established Disclosure Regulations to enhance effectiveness of the policy, thereby making definitions of management-related information, disclosure procedures and other matters.
What kind of CSR activities does the Daiwa Securities Group engage in ?
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