Daiwa Securities Group has been promoting a variety of initiatives in order to contribute to the resolution of environmental issues by establishing the Environmental Vision, Environmental Principles, and Basic Environmental Policies.

Environmental Management

Daiwa Securities Group is fostering measures for climate change and environmental management through its sustainability promotion system.

Initiatives for Environmental Load Reduction

Daiwa Securities Group will contribute to the solution of environmental issues through its business activities by developing products that help reduce environmental impacts and by helping to raise funds for the establishment of environmental technologies and infrastructure. We will also work tirelessly to build a more efficient system to collect data on our own environmental impacts so that we can reduce them, while raising the environmental awareness of individual employees.

Response to Climate Change (Disclosure Based on the TCFD Recommendations 2023)

Daiwa Securities Group Inc. announced support for the TCFD in April 2018. Based on the recommendations of the TCFD, we disclose our awareness of the current situation, scenario analysis results, and other matters.

Green Finance

We disclose information regarding the status of allocation of proceeds and the status of environmental impact related to our green bonds, as well as the Green Finance Framework established by Daiwa Securities Group Inc.
Additionally, we introduce the initiatives by the Group Companies.

Measures to achieve net zero GHG Emissions within Our Investment and Loan portfolios

In the Daiwa Securities Group Net Zero Carbon Declaration, which was formulated in August 2021 with the aim of realizing a carbon-neutral society, the Group has set out the following guidelines: " Achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions within our investment and loan portfolios, etc. by 2050 (Scope 3) ". In order to clarify a concrete path toward this goal, we will measure emissions and set intermediate targets for each sector by 2030.