Basic Policy for Social Contribution Activities

Daiwa Securities Group has formulated the Basic Policy for Social Contribution Activities to strengthen its governance structure to oversee and promote the implementation of social contribution activities.

1. Objective

Daiwa Securities Group proactively engages in group-wide social contribution activities to gain the trust of stakeholders, including our customers, shareholders, investors, local community, and NPO. The Group recognizes that contributing to society, one of the core values portrayed in the Corporate Principles and the Daiwa Spirit, will lead to improving corporate value. By solving social issues through its business activities and pursuing both corporate social values and economic values at the same time, the Group works actively on creating a sustainable and prosperous society.
Under such circumstances, the Group has formulated the Basic Policy for Social Contribution Activities. The purpose of the policy is to strengthen its governance structure to oversee and promote the implementation of social contribution activities. While working closely with stakeholders, the Group publicly discloses its activities and outputs.
The policy was approved by the Head of Sustainability and will be revised regularly for the purpose of building a better society in partnership with our stakeholders.

2. Priority Areas

The Group considers it important to work together with both internal and external stakeholders as a good corporate citizen engaging in consistent collaboration with the both local and global communities to foster sustainable development. The Group's focus areas for social contribution activities are:

  • Financial Education and research
    Capitalizing on economic and financial expertise accumulated through its securities business, the Group provides education programs and supports for various generations in order to help develop the capacity to build their own lives and the asset management skill.
  • Contribution through foundations and NPOs
    To realize a prosperous society, the Group provides support where needed by delivering funds and grants to NPO/NGO.
  • Support for culture and the arts
    The Group provides support for a wide range of cultural and artistic activities. These include exhibitions, classical concerts, and sports.
  • Corporate citizenship initiatives
    The Group believes that employee volunteering helps broaden their perspectives and familiarize them with different values. This, in turn, has a good influence on both their work and lives. For this purpose, the Group provides its employees with information on volunteer projects planned by ourselves and NPO/NGO as well as events that help raise their awareness. The Group also makes participating in volunteering easy by setting up a recognition program and introducing volunteer leave.

3. Principles for Implementation & Monitoring Mechanism

Donations or grants provided to organizations are determined based on their credibility, continuity, and effectiveness in accordance with internal regulations. Upon receipt of progress reports by grantees, the Group monitors and evaluates their grant utilization and reporting framework.

4. Related SDGs

Related SDGs

Please refer to the following for the details of our social contribution activities.