Financial Education and Research

Capitalizing on financial and economic expertise accumulated through its securities business, Daiwa Securities Group provides education programs and supports for various generations in order to help people develop the capacity to build their own lives and the asset management skill.

On-site Classes, Seminars, and Workplace Tours

Our group provides on-site classes, seminars, and workplace tours for local schools, the general public, and corporations, etc.

Initiatives to Enhance People's Financial Literacy

Daiwa Securities Group promotes various initiatives to enhance people's financial literacy.

Provision of Web Contents

Official Daiwa Securities Group Channel (YouTube)

In 2000, Daiwa Securities Group began "Daiwa Securities Information TV," Japan's only TV channel dedicated to securities information, on the multichannel pay TV broadcast service "SKY Perfect TV!" Since April 2011, "Daiwa Internet TV," an owned media that can be viewed by anyone online, has been produced and distributed from our own studio, and since April 2022, financial and investment programs have been similarly produced and distributed on the "Official Daiwa Securities Group Channel" on YouTube, a free video distribution platform. We distribute information on the Tokyo market five times a day in a timely manner, while providing local market information from Hong Kong and New York every day.

In addition to these daily programs, we distribute corporate information as well as video reports where analysts and economists at Daiwa Securities and DIR provide commentaries on current issues in an easy-to-understand way.

On a new program called "Take Note! SDGs/ESG Investment will Change the World" that was launched in July 2020, Daiwa Securities strategists provide straightforward explanations of SDGs/ESG investment.

Our Daiwa Internet TV initiative was introduced by the SDG Industry Matrix for Financial Services (issued jointly by the United Nations Global Compact and KPMG International in 2015) as a case for Goal 4 "Quality Education." The report highlighted Daiwa's timely and free of charge provision of a variety of financial and investment information.

We will continue to make efforts to produce programs that can be viewed by not only investors but also those who are new to investment, and that can support the journey from savings to asset building.

Production of Our Group's Original Teaching Materials

We produce teaching materials to improve the financial literacy of a wide range of people, such as a slide and supplementary material for classes, as well as materials for working adults to study easily.

Experience-Based Programs

Sponsoring the Kidzania

Kidzania Tokyo

We exhibit the "Securities Company" pavilions at "Kidzania Tokyo" and "Kidzania Koshien." Children aged 3 to 15 can experience various professions in society there. At our pavilions, as consultants for the securities company, they conduct research on investees (pavilions) that meet the investors' needs and compile the results into a report.
They will be able to understand about investments and learn that customer trust is important.

Finance Park (Experienced-Based Program of Financial Decisions for Life)

Finance Park

Daiwa Securities Group cooperates with Finance Parks operated by Junior Achievement Japan, a public interest incorporated foundation. This program provides opportunities for junior high school students to learn economic and financial mechanisms that will be necessary for them in their adult life. Finance Parks have been operating in Shinagawa, Iwaki, and Sendai.

Number of participants in Finance Parks for FY2022

Shinagawa Iwaki Sendai Total
1,663 peoples 2,690 peoples 7,931 peoples 12,284 peoples

Educational Initiatives and research

As a Starting Member of the Platform for Promoting STEAM Education

Daiwa Securities Group took part in the Platform for Learning Innovation Japan (PLIJ), a collaboration of industry, university, government, public, and schools to promote STEAM education*1 in Japan.
In the 6th Science, Technology, and Innovation Basic Plan (Cabinet decision in March 2021), the promotion of STEAM education is listed as one of the measures for realizing Society 5.0*2. The platform established by the Council on Competitiveness-Nippon (COCN) is expected to include a library of STEAM education materials and a network of human resources to support STEAM education.
We will contribute to the platform by providing educational content in the fields of economics and finance which we have accumulated through our securities business.

  • *1Cross-disciplinary education to utilize learning in each subject such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, etc. for finding and solving problems in the real world
  • *2A human-centered society that balances economic advancement with the resolution of social problems by a system that highly integrates cyberspace and physical space

Example of Business-Academia Collaborations: University of Tokyo Hongo Tech Garage (Donation Project by Daiwa Securities Group)

Daiwa Securities Group supports the University of Tokyo Hongo Tech Garage, which was established by the University of Tokyo in 2016 as a site to advance entrepreneurship education (a donation project by Daiwa Securities Group). To date, more than 500 students have participated in the project, leading to the launch of several companies each year. Among such companies, teTra aviation corp., has achieved success. Established in 2018, the company became the sole prize-winning team in the world competition for personal flying devices sponsored by Boeing in February 2020.

Example of Business-Academia Collaborations: University of Tokyo Hongo Tech Garage (Donation Project by Daiwa Securities Group)
Example of Business-Academia Collaborations: University of Tokyo Hongo Tech Garage (Donation Project by Daiwa Securities Group)

Message from the Head of Financial Education

  • Keiko Tashiro
  • Director, Deputy President
  • Head of Financial Education
  • Daiwa Securities Group Inc.

Due to the lowering of the adulthood age in Japan, people will start living as adults from the day they turn 18. Therefore, it is important to receive financial education from an early age, such as in elementary school. Financial education is also essential for working adults to have fulfilling 100-year lives.
Daiwa Securities Group will work as a group to improve the financial literacy of a wide range of people through its own activities and cooperation with various organizations and companies.

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