Editorial Policy

Daiwa Securities Group discloses sustainability information related to its business and other activities on the Sustainability pages of the company's website, and posts updated information as required.
We also release the Sustainability Data Edition (formerly SDGs Data Edition) (a compilation of quantitative data), the Sustainability Report (formerly SDGs Report) (a PDF version of the information posted as of September 30 each year, for printing and archival purposes), and the Sustainability Booklet (formerly SDGs Booklet) (a digest version of the report). These documents and their back numbers can be found on Sustainability Library.

Intended Readership This report is intended for the broad range of Daiwa Securities Group stakeholders defined by ISO 26000, including customers, shareholders and investors, employees, business partners, and local communities.
Reporting Boundary This report generally discusses the principal companies of Daiwa Securities Group. It does not, however, include all data from the Group's principal companies on items reported. The information is selected based on the respective companies' size and type of business. Each set of data specifies the scope of coverage. The term "Daiwa Securities Group" refers to our entire group, while the terms "Daiwa Securities Group Inc." and "Daiwa Securities" refer to Daiwa Securities Group Inc. and Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd., respectively.
Period Covered by Report FY2022 (April 1, 2022, to March 31, 2023) The report, however, also includes some information on events and activities carried out prior to the beginning of or after the end of FY2020, or scheduled to take place during FY2022.
Inquiries Sustainability Promotion Office, Corporate Planning Department, Daiwa Securities Group Inc.
Tel +81-3-5555-1111(Main)
E-mail daiwa_sustainability@daiwa.co.jp
URL https://www.daiwa-grp.jp/english/sustainability/
Reference Guidelines GRI Standards 2021
ISO 26000: Guidance on social responsibility
SASB Standards (SASB: Sustainability Accounting Standards Board)
Environmental Reporting Guidelines 2018 and Environmental Accounting Guidelines 2005, Ministry of the Environment, Japan

For Deeper Understanding of Corporate Activities of Daiwa Securities Group

At Daiwa Securities Group, we issue an Integrated Report, referring to the International Integrated Reporting Framework published by the IFRS Foundation and the Guidance for Collaborative Value Creation of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The Integrated Report is aimed at communicating the Group’s history and current and future value creation activities to our stakeholders in an easy-to-understand way, and we select important matters and initiatives taken mainly in the past one year as information to be posted.
Please look at the Report along with this website.

Overview of information disclosure