Sustainability Reports

The Group publishes the "SDGs Data Book" and "SDGs Booklet" as tools for all stakeholders to understand the concepts of the SDGs and ESG and the details of our efforts. We aim to improve corporate value by solving social issues that we have identified through communication with our stakeholders.
We will continue to make improvements to make these documents easier to understand and more convenient to use, and we look forward to hearing your frank opinions.

ESG Information Index

This page is aimed at ESG rating agencies and investors who value non-financial information. It includes information about the Group related to the SDGs organized from an ESG perspective, and also includes links to relevant sections. We have also created a comparison table based on GRI.

SDGs Reports/SDGs Data Edition

We publish the SDGs Data Book that comprehensively describes SDGs and ESG-related information. We refer to standards such as GRI and SASB in the production of this document.

  • *We have been continuously reporting on our CSR activities since fiscal 2002, but since the second half of fiscal 2018, we have expanded the Group's CSR activities to become part of our efforts to achieve the SDGs. Along with this, we have reorganized the contents of our business activities and conventional CSR activities, and have updated the previous "CSR Report" to become the "SDGs Reports" and the "SDGs Data Edition"

SDGs Booklet 2022

As a digest version of the SDGs Data Book, we have put together a compact, easy-to-understand summary of our way of thinking about the SDGs and the details of various initiatives.