Respect for Human Rights

Our Approach and Policy

Human Rights Policy

Daiwa Securities Group states in its Corporate Principles that "the Group will strive to maintain a high sense of morality and duty, endeavoring to continue contributing to the sustainable growth of the societies in which we operate."
To further improve a corporate culture rooted in the basic principles of respect for human rights, and to promote efforts for the respect of human rights in accordance with international standards, we have established this Human Rights Policy.

  1. 1.Respect for International Standards
    Daiwa Securities Group supports and respects international standards on human rights, such as the International Bill of Human Rights (consisting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenants), the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, ISO 26000, and Children's Rights and Business Principles. We also endorse the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact as a signatory to the UN Global Compact.
  2. 2.Scope of Application
    This Policy applies to all companies, officers, and employees within Daiwa Securities Group. We also expect all stakeholders, such as customers and suppliers, to respect human rights.
  3. 3.Prohibition of Human Rights Violations
    Daiwa Securities Group provides an equitable and safe working environment that values people, and is considerate of the human rights of all stakeholders. We do not tolerate discrimination based on race, nationality, birthplace, creed, religion, politics, biological sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, social status, physical characteristics, or disability, or human rights violations such as sexual harassment, power harassment, or other acts of harassment in any aspect of our work. Furthermore, we do not tolerate unfair labor practices, such as child labor and forced labor.
  4. 4.Human Rights Due Diligence
    Daiwa Securities Group conducts appropriate human rights due diligence and is committed to preventing and mitigating any negative impact its corporate activities may have on human rights.
  5. 5.Remedial Mechanisms
    Daiwa Securities Group takes corrective and remedial actions through appropriate procedures in the event it becomes clear that its corporate activities have caused or been involved in a negative impact on human rights.
  6. 6.Education and Training
    Daiwa Securities Group educates and instructs all officers and employees with accurate information on human rights. At the same time, we view human rights issues as our own problem, not somebody else's problem, and foster a sensitivity that enables empathy with the suffering of others.
  7. 7.Information Disclosure
    Daiwa Securities Group is committed to disclosing information on its human rights initiatives and progress on its website and through other media to ensure that they are understood by all stakeholders.
  8. 8.Stakeholder Engagement
    Daiwa Securities Group implements this Policy with an emphasis on dialogue with stakeholders.
  9. 9.Governance System
    Daiwa Securities Group has established a Human Rights Awareness Promotion Committee, chaired by the Human Resources Officer, to promote human rights initiatives. This Policy is determined by the Board of Directors.

Established October 1, 2022

Human Rights Education and Awareness System

In 1984, Daiwa Securities Group set up the Human Rights Awareness Promotion Committee. The committee aimed at promoting activities and training for raising human rights awareness, thereby encouraging better understanding and appreciation of social integration and other human rights issues. We have been working to achieve its objectives. Besides the committee, all Group managers at the head office or branch level act in a promotional role, engaging in education and awareness activities to ensure that employees correctly understand and acknowledge human rights and social integration issues.
Daiwa Securities Group has been a member of the Industrial Federation for Human Rights, Tokyo, since 1998. The Federation is composed of 122 companies mostly headquartered in Tokyo with a combined total of 1.5 million employees (as of April 2023). Federation members work together to further improve their employees' awareness of human rights issues through research and communication.

Human Rights Awareness Promotion Committee

Chair Human Resources Officer at Daiwa Securities Group Inc.
Vice Chair Daiwa Securities Group Inc. Deputy Human Resources Officer
Head of the Human Resources Department
Committee Members Five department heads including the head of the Corporate Planning Department,
General Affairs Department, and Compliance Control Department
Promoters All Group managers at the head office or branch level

Initiatives in FY2022

Human rights education

In FY2022, we provided human rights education as part of training for the Group's new employees conducted immediately after their induction ceremony. It is also included in training for those newly becoming general managers, managers, and associate managers. The chief of the Human Rights Awareness Promotion Committee Secretariat has taken charge of all of these training courses.
We have also been providing training on LGBT issues since FY2015. It has been conducted for those in the Group's compliance and human resources divisions. The issues are also taken up in training for new employees every year.
LGBT issues are also included in training for promoted employees as an opportunity to deepen their understanding. The cumulative number of employees participating in training on LGBT issues is now 8,595.
The Group held a Human Rights Awareness Workshop for all executives and employees to consider human rights from multiple viewpoints.
Study sessions comprised of video training and discussion were held on the themes of "harassment," "gender diversity," and "persons with disabilities" in the workplace. We used a material "Jinken no Susume (An encouragement of understanding human rights)," featuring short video dramas on each of the themes for participants to develop awareness and learn about human rights issues from multiple perspectives.

Human rights education for employees for FY2022

Training participants 332 new employees
Objective To acquire basic knowledge concerning human rights and to understand and raise awareness of the Group's fundamental principles concerning respect for human rights
Training participants 1,004 promoted employees
Objective To acquire knowledge and raise awareness concerning human rights required for their respective positions
Training participants All Group executives and employees
Objective To watch a video for human rights awareness promotion and hold discussions at each workplace regarding the content

Whistleblowing System (Corporate Ethics Hotline)

The matters to be reported under the Group's whistleblowing system (Corporate Ethics Hotline) include harassment (bullying, power harassment, sexual harassment, maternity harassment, etc.) and other human rights violations. We take an appropriate response whenever a report is made.