Corporate Governance

Here, in addition to the report Corporate Governance on the concept and structure of corporate governance at Daiwa Securities Group Inc., items essential for corporate governance such as risk management and compliance are also posted.

Corporate Governance

Daiwa Securities Group clearly separates the supervisory and executive functions of its management to create a highly transparent and objective corporate governance system.

Risk Management

We will maintain a sound financial and profit structure that balances risk and return, and strive to continuously increase corporate value through appropriate risk management.

IT Strategy and Management of Systems Risk

Daiwa Securities Group has incorporated in its Medium-term Management Plan the development of an IT platform that will drive digital transformation, and is proceeding with the development.


The Daiwa Securities Group considers compliance as an important condition for realizing these corporate philosophies, and its compliance-related efforts go beyond mere compliance with laws and regulations, and earn the trust of customers, markets, society and shareholders. I understand it.

Prevention of corruption

In line with the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, Daiwa Securities Group works to prevent corruption.

Tax Policy

Daiwa Securities Group has enacted "Daiwa Securities Group Tax Policy" in aiming to develop corporate tax governance, and describes our code of conduct and standard of judgments in taxation.

Avoiding Involvement with Anti-Social Forces

At Daiwa Securities Group, we are continuously persisting in activities to eradicate anti-social forces from society based on our recognition of the large role that financial institutions play in this area.

Transition to a "Committee System"

Following official approval given at the ordinary general shareholders' meeting held on June 23, 2004, the Daiwa Securities Group Inc. has executed a transition to a "committee system" of corporate governance.

AI Governance Mission Statement

Daiwa Securities Group has established the 'Daiwa Securities Group AI Governance Mission Statement ' which all employees should abide by, as a company that extensively utilizes AI, including research and development of AI, prediction and analysis using AI, and providing services utilizing AI.