Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

One of the areas in which Daiwa Securities Group focuses its efforts is diversity & inclusion. We are working to develop personnel who provide additional value and build an organization in which members thrive as they recognize and respect each other’s diversity.
In order to accelerate our diversity & inclusion efforts, we have established a Work-Life Balance Committee and a SDGs Promotion Committee, which regularly engage in discussions.
The Work-Life Balance Committee was established in 2017 by its co-chairpersons, Chairman of the Board Takashi Hibino and President and CEO Seiji Nakata. Staff from various positions and divisions, from executives and managers to young employees, participate as advisors to discuss and verify the status of various measures, including efforts to achieve goals for the promotion of women’s activities and support for balancing work with childcare and nursing care.
The SDGs Promotion Committee, established in 2018 and led by chairperson President Seiji Nakata, provides a space to discuss Group policies related to the promotion of SDGs. We always invite external experts to the Committee, and this has enabled the Committee to utilize the experience and insights of those experts in their discussions.

Encouraging Women to Succeed

Daiwa Securities Group proactively appoints talented human resources regardless of gender. We are trying to appeal more to women’s individual interests by introducing thriving female employees as role models in internal publications in order to increase the number of women in managerial positions. A career consultation service has been set up on the Group’s internal WLB promotion website. Female executives as well as heads of each department, office, and branch give advice on the concerns and inquiries of female employees.
In 2015, the current Chairman of the Board of Daiwa Securities Group Inc. showed his support for the “Declaration on Action” by a group of male leaders who will create “A Society in which Women Shine” spearheaded by Japan’s Gender Equality Bureau Cabinet Office.

See also Work-Life Balance for more information on promoting women's activities.

Targets Related to Initiatives for Empowering Women

Daiwa Securities Group has aimed to raise the ratio of women in director's positions to at least 30% by 2030, and we have set specific targets for the years through FY2025. In this manner, positive steps are being taken to provide an environment in which employees with diverse values can maximize their capabilities.

Targets for Years through FY2025 (Daiwa Securities)

  • Women account for at least 25% of people managerial positions by FY2025, reaching 30% by 2029
  • Continue hiring high quality employees, regardless of gender, and maintain a stable ratio of 50% of women among newly recruited graduates every fiscal year
  • 50% of women among participants in training, which aims to provide participants with various skills and improve their expertise
  • Continue to maintain a 100% rate of childcare leave use by male employees and a childcare leave duration of 14 days or more

Support for Female Employees’ Career Advancement

By increasing the number of role models, we are making it easier for the Group’s female staff to envision their career path. In this context, there has been a sharp increase in female employees aspiring to advance their careers by switching to career-track and regional career-track positions in recent years.
To date, more than 1,500 female employees have converted to career-track positions. An increasing number of employees have also taken advantage of our Professional Return Plan, a system for re-hiring employees who left work to raise children or care for family members, starting them at the same level of compensation as when they left. The scope of this system was expanded in FY2015. This has helped us to secure talented personnel who support business operations. The number of female employees right before being promoted to managerial positions is 2,109 at the end of June 2021, substantially increasing from 1,093 in 2005.
We also launched a career support training initiative for female employees (Daiwa Woman’s Forum) in FY2014, and a program for women in managerial positions (Daiwa Woman’s Management Forum) in 2018. These programs have contributed to building networks among women.

Trends in Female Employees Right Before Being Promoted to Managerial Positions

Appointment of Female Executives and Women in Managerial Positions

Daiwa Securities Group has a total of twelve women in top managerial positions who work as directors, corporate executive officers, and executive officers. They include three female executives serving as directors and corporate executive officers at Daiwa Securities Group Inc. The number of women in managerial positions is increasing year by year, with the Group’s total number standing at 666 as of the end of June 2020. The ratio of women in managerial positions has risen from 2.2% at the end of FY2004 to 13.2% on a group-wide basis (up from 2.3% to 15.9% at Daiwa Securities).

Becoming a Member of 30% Club Japan

Daiwa Securities Group Inc. supports activities undertaken by the 30% Club Japan, with its Chairman of the Board and President and CEO participating as members. The organization, launched in Japan in May 2019, aims to increase the ratio of women in top management of Japanese companies. It has set the goal of raising the ratio of women in the Boards of Directors at the TOPIX 100 companies to 30% by 2030.Chairman of the Board Takashi Hibino also participates as a member of the Steering Committee. We will accelerate our initiatives to produce female leaders who will lead Japan’s financial industry.

Number of female executives

Support for the Success of Veteran Employees

As the careers of employees grow even longer, we aim to provide our veteran employees, who have a wealth of experience, with the new skills they need to stay at the forefront of our times, and to create environments in which they can continue to thrive, thereby contributing to the sustained growth of our company.

Daiwa Securities is greatly expanding its training programs for employees aged 45 and older, and has introduced a License Certification System that provides incentives to employees who have improved their skills and polished their acumen as professionals. Since its introduction, approximately 1,900 employees, accounting for about 60% of personnel aged 45 and older, have undertaken over 26,000 training programs.
Furthermore, Daiwa Securities Group has in place a Senior Advisor System that enables veteran employees with a wealth of experience to play an active role in the workplace. Senior advisors are dispatched to locations of their choice and engage in community-based consulting and sales from a long-term perspective.
In FY2017, we eliminated employment age limits for senior advisors, enabling them to continue working regardless of their age. For employees in other positions, as well, we have raised the retirement age to age 70, provided that certain conditions are met.
In addition, we have created a Senior Fellow System and have enhanced the personnel system for veteran employees with outstanding expertise and knowledge who have made remarkable achievements. We support both work and caregiving, and are creating an environment in which employees can thrive without worrying about their future lives.
We have also introduced long service leave for employees in their 20th year and 30th year at the Group. The leave is designed with gratitude to provide employees who have contributed greatly to the Group’s development with an opportunity to refresh themselves and spend time with their parents, spouse, and other people around them who always support them.

Employment of People with Disabilities

As of FY2019, Daiwa Securities Group had more than 200 employees with disabilities handling a wide range of responsibilities in our head office, sales branches and contact centers. We started recruiting new graduates with disabilities as regular employees (general office staff) in FY2008, and in FY2011 broadened the scheme to career-track employees, regional career-track employees, and customer service employees. Once people with disabilities are hired, we provide support for their career advancement by, for example, creating opportunities for them to enter the career-track and regional career-track employment opportunities. To further strengthen our support to employees, we also introduced the Daiwa LEAP Plan in 2018. This provides comprehensive support including a leave program for outpatient treatment, subsidies for expenses incurred to start work, and the introduction of support tools according to the type of disability. The Plan is a measure for bringing out employees’ talents while taking their respective circumstances into consideration, and developing a pleasant working environment.
We have vigorously increased recruitment opportunities by holding briefings about the company for new graduates, participating in career expos, and implementing job placement support programs for university students with disabilities.
Moreover, Daiwa Securities Group participates in the Accessibility Consortium of Enterprises (ACE), a general incorporated association, as a member. ACE was founded for the purpose of establishing a model for people with disabilities that contributes to corporate growth, and communicating information to society concerning human resources sought by businesses. As of October 2020, ACE has 37 corporate members, mostly large companies. Through the holding of seminars and workshops for human resources personnel and employees with disabilities, as well as issuance of educational brochures, ACE carries out awareness-raising activities for parties concerned, creates role models, and makes proposals to management and society. Our Group's "Daiwa LEAP Plan" initiative received a "Special Award" in the "Environment Creation Category" of the 2020 ACE Awards.

Employment Rate for Persons with Disabilities
FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
2.10% 2.33% 2.57% 2.58%

Promoting Increased Understanding toward the LGBT Community and Related Issues

As an opportunity to deepen understanding of LGBT issues, LGBT themes are taken up in training for new and young employees, as well as in training for those who have been promoted. A cumulative total of approximately 5,000 have participated in this training to date.
In addition, every year we hold a Human Rights Awareness Workshop for all employees in each department and office, which includes video training and discussion to promote understanding of LGBT issues. In addition, the Group’s Compliance and Human Resources departments receive training from the NPO Nijiiro Diversity to deepen their understanding of the fundamentals and case studies of other companies in order to create a comfortable work environment. Our Human Resources Department supports employees who are undergoing gender transition by allowing them to take time off. Efforts are also made to promote increased understanding among surrounding employees.

Initiatives Addressing Human Rights and Social Integration Issues

The Group clearly states in its corporate principles that “the Group will strive to maintain a high sense of morality and duty, endeavoring to continue contributing to the sustainable growth of the societies in which we operate," and we have formulated a Basic Policy for Initiatives Addressing Human Rights and Social Integration Issues.
Please see our Respect for human rights page for information regarding the contents of the Basic Policy for Initiatives Addressing Human Rights and Social Integration Issues.