AI Governance Mission Statement

<Daiwa Securities Group AI Governance Mission Statement>

Daiwa Securities Group is committed to social issues such as the environment, human rights, education, economic growth, and technological innovation, and contributing to the sustainable development of society and the economy. To achieve this, the use of cutting-edge technology, especially AI, has become essential. While the impact of AI on society and the economy is expected to expand further in the future, there are still developing aspects of AI technology.

Under careful consideration, Daiwa Securities Group has established the "Daiwa Securities Group AI Governance Mission Statement," which we encourage all employees to abide by in understanding that we are a company that uses AI extensively in research and development, prediction and analysis, together with providing services.

Daiwa Securities Group will continue to make every effort to become a trusted partner for all stakeholders and ensure that our services are used with peace of mind.

  1. 1.Contribution to Society and Economy through AI
    While using AI Daiwa Securities Group intends to contribute to a sustainable development of a society and economy by developing full utilization of AI, as well as through dialogue with our diverse stakeholders. Additionally, we will aim to achieve public benefit for a rich society through the utilization of AI Including a sound and sustainable development of finance and capital markets.
  2. 2.Human-Centered AI
    Daiwa Securities Group respects human rights and will ensure when using AI it does not violate this principle. We will intervene through our human judgement.
  3. 3.Transparency and Accountability of AI
    Daiwa Securities Group values accountability and transparency and will make sure when utilizing AI this value is achieved including a base use that is easy to understand.
  4. 4.Appropriate Use and Learning of AI
    Daiwa Securities Group uses AI in an appropriate range and manner and strives to ensure that AI is driven from high quality data sources that are pre checked and monitored.
  5. 5.Compliance with Laws and Privacy Protection
    Daiwa Securities Group complies with regulatory requirements in the development and utilization of AI. This includes privacy protection.
  6. 6.Security and Monitoring of AI
    Daiwa Securities Group takes appropriate security measures and monitors AI systems to prevent malicious attacks such as data breaches.
  7. 7.Governance and Literacy Improvement of AI
    Daiwa Securities Group is establishing a governance and control system to check and manage AI appropriately, this includes affects by third parties. As a company that will use AI extensively, we strive to improve AI literacy and promote sound AI business throughout the organization.

Established June 23, 2023