Tax Policy

Daiwa Securities Group has enacted "Daiwa Securities Group Tax Policy" in aiming to develop corporate tax governance, and describes our code of conduct and standard of judgments in taxation.

Daiwa Securities Group Tax Policy

  1. 1.Daiwa Securities Group complies with laws and ordinances, and contributes to the sustainable development of society through appropriate tax payments with high ethical standards.
  2. 2.Daiwa Securities Group rewards our shareholders by achieving sound profits based on proper and fair tax planning.
  3. 3.For cross border intra group transactions, Daiwa Securities Group sets an appropriate price, which achieves adequate accountability under transfer pricing tax regulations.
  4. 4.The Chief Financial Officer (CFO), executive officer in charge of Finance, and Head of Finance Department of Daiwa Securities Group Inc. from time to time provide guidance and advice to subsidiaries and other departments within the group as necessary, so that corporate governance over tax matters is shared and implemented throughout the Daiwa Securities Group.