Hiring Initiatives

Approaches and Policy

Daiwa Securities Group wants all our employees to work with a high level of loyalty and motivation. All new college graduates recruited by the Group, including those with disabilities, are brought on as full and regular employees so that newly hired employees will be able to have a sense of trust and pride in the Group, and a sense of solidarity with their colleagues. We are making efforts to provide an environment where a diverse range of people can perform to their full potential.
In order to flexibly accommodate job-seekers, we hire year-round, and new employees may join the company even after April.
We also focus on attracting people capable of excelling globally in order to develop a global network and strengthen alliance strategies.
Daiwa Securities Group offers internship programs to provide opportunities for gaining firsthand experience in the securities business through interaction with employees.

Fairness in Hiring

Daiwa Securities Group has formulated and announced its Guidelines for Fair Hiring, comprising three fundamental principles for ensuring fair hiring practices.
We also provide training to employees involved in the hiring process to ensure that they are fully aware of the Guidelines for Fair Hiring.

Guidelines for Fair Hiring

  1. 1.Utmost respect for the rights of the applicants
  2. 2.Eligibility for all individuals who meet the hiring criteria
  3. 3.Making all hiring decisions based on a fair and objective evaluation of the applicants’ ability, aptitude and motivation

Recruitment of University Graduates

In FY2011, we began hiring recent university graduates who had obtained their diploma within the preceding three years with or without any work experience during the period as part of our efforts to build a diverse workforce. These recruits receive the same training as new graduates.

Number of new employees for FY2022 402 people (4 group companies*
  • *Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd., Daiwa Asset Management Co. Ltd., Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd., Daiwa Securities Business Center Co. Ltd.