Corporate Governance

We believe that maintaining trust and trust in us is essential not only for continuing our business activities, but also for meeting the expectations of our stakeholders.

Corporate Governance

Daiwa Securities Group clearly separates the supervisory and executive functions of its management to create a highly transparent and objective corporate governance system.


The Daiwa Securities Group considers compliance as an important condition for realizing these corporate philosophies, and its compliance-related efforts go beyond mere compliance with laws and regulations, and earn the trust of customers, markets, society and shareholders. I understand it.

Prevention of corruption

In line with the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, Daiwa Securities Group works to prevent corruption.

Risk Management

We will maintain a sound financial and profit structure that balances risk and return, and strive to continuously increase corporate value through appropriate risk management.

Environmental and Social Policy Framework

Daiwa Securities Group, Inc. has formulated the "Environmental and Social Policy Framework" in order to strengthen its management and governance infrastructure for environmental and social risks.

IT Strategy and Management of Systemic Risk

Daiwa Securities Group has incorporated in its Medium-term Management Plan the pursuit of the best mix of digital and real and is implementing its digital strategy.