Stakeholder Communication

Daiwa Securities Group recognizes that grasping social challenges as a company is an important issue.
In light of the rapid changes in the economy and society in recent years, social issues are also expected to change with the times. We place importance on communications with various stakeholders as a method of continuing to grasp such changing social issues. Through our business, we will resolve social issues identified by active dialogue with a broad range of stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, investors, local communities and NPOs, in pursuit of balancing social values and economic values.

Policy on Communication with Stakeholders

Basic Policy (1)
Daiwa Securities Group will strive to maintain two-way communication with a broad range of stakeholders based on ISO 26000 and the Charter of Corporate Behavior of the Nippon Keidanren.
Basic Policy (2)
The Group will strive to deepen communication with stakeholders already known to us, including customers, shareholders and other investors, business partners, employees and local communities.
Basic Policy (3)
The Group will strive to communicate actively with third-party institutions, organizations, and individuals, etc. with whom we have previously had no contact in order to identify other stakeholders.
Stakeholders Main Contact Points for Dialogue Relevant Web Pages
Customers Investors We strive to improve customer, satisfaction by providing products and services that meet Individual Investors, Institutional Investors and the needs of potential investors who are considering investing. Retail marketing divisions
Corporate business divisions
Contact Center
Customer Support Center
Providing Quality Service to Customers
Issuers We propose optimal financing methods among from a wide range of methods to corporations, public organizations, and others seeking to raise funds through the issuance of stocks and bonds, and provide total support for their financing from formulation of plans to execution.
Society Investees As an institutional investor, we strive to maintain active communication, including engagement with investee companies. Asset Management division
Retail marketing divisions
Various operations divisions
Corporate communication divisions
SDGs Promotion Office, Corporate Planning Department
Daiwa Securities Health Foundation
Daiwa Securities Foundation
Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation
Daiwa Myanmar-Japan Foundation
Role and Social Responsibilities of the Securities Business
Supply Chain Management
Sponsorship Activities for Culture and the Arts
Contribution through Foundations and NPOs
Corporate Citizenship Initiatives
Education and Research in Economics and Finance
Business partners We maintain fair relationships with all our business partners and collaborate with them in order to create a sustainable society.
Government We fulfill our tax obligations and present policy recommendations in order to create a better society.
When making political contributions, we comply with internal regulations and all relevant laws and regulations. The amount of contributions made by us are disclosed publicly.
NPOs/NGOs We collaborate with NPOs/NGOs in economic and financial education and disaster relief assistance. We also incorporate the perspective of resolving social issues in our business strategies through active dialogue with them.
Local communities As a member of the local communities where Daiwa Securities Group’s head and branch offices and overseas subsidiaries are located, we engage in community-based activities.
Employees Employees and their families We create an environment in which employees, who provide added value for all stakeholders, are able to feel motivated to work and demonstrate their abilities and enthusiasm. Families of employees are also our important stakeholders. Human resources divisions
Corporate communication divisions
SDGs Promotion Office, Corporate Planning Department
Communication with Employees
Shareholders and others Shareholders and others(*) We endeavor to provide highly transparent information disclosure and meet the expectations of shareholders and others through sustainable value creation.
  • (*) Including investors in bonds issued by Daiwa Securities Group
Investor Relations Office, Corporate Planning Department Engagement with Shareholders and Investors

Important external initiatives

Daiwa Securities Group has participated in, signed, and supports the initiatives described below to contribute to developing a sustainable society.