SDGs Data Book

The SDGs Data Book is published only in PDF format, and we strive to disclose comprehensive information based on various guidelines.

SDGs Data Book 2019

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  • Editorial Policy
  • Overview of Company and Businesses
  • Communication with Stakeholders
  • SDGs of Daiwa Securities Group
    □ Daiwa Securities Group's Materiality and SDGs
    • Message from the Chairman of the SDGs Promotion Committee
    • Introducing the SDGs Promotion Committee Members
  • Initiatives through Business Activities
    • Role and Social Responsibilities of the Securities Business
    • Provision of Quality Service to Customers
    • Initiatives through Product Development and Provision
      ■ Close-up/Issuing Green Bonds
    • Maintenance and Development of Financial and Capital Market Functions
    • Dissemination of Analysis and Proposals on the Economy, Society, and Investment Information
    • Support for the Creation of Our Future Society
      ■ Close-up/Establishment of New Companies Contributing to SDGs
  • Initiatives for Supporting Business Activities
    • Corporate Governance
    • Compliance
    • Human Rights Initiatives
    • Risk Management
      ■ Close-up/Response to the TCFD
    • Environmental Initiatives
    • IT Strategy and the Management of Systemic Risk
    • Engagement with Shareholders and Other Investors
    • Engagement with Employees
    • Engagement with Society
      ■ Close-up/Initiatives for Child Poverty Issues
  • Participation in Initiatives
  • Third-Party Evaluations
  • SDGs Related Data
  • GRI Content Index
  • Glossary
  • Independent Assurance Report

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