Why Daiwa Securities Group is Working to Support Children

The financial and capital markets are a symbol of capitalism, and securities companies have benefited from them.
On the other hand, capitalism can cause disparities and contribute to the poverty of children, which is also a strain on society.
That is why we believe that we should use the sound profits we earn from our core business to help solve the problem of poverty.

The declining birthrate and aging population are advancing in Japan, and the reduced number of children who will carry the future of the country will also have a major impact on Japan's sustainable growth.

The problem of child poverty has many side effects, such as the inability to receive necessary education, and it also leads to the situation in which the children who will carry the future of Japan cannot gain the qualifications they will require as adults.

Eliminating child poverty is an extremely high goal that cannot be achieved overnight.
However, it is now necessary to improve the environment surrounding children and stop the chain of poverty.


Our desire to support children

Chairman of the Board and Corporate Executive Officer Seiji Nakata, Daiwa Securities Group Inc.

In the past, I have personally donated items such as toys to children's homes. That was because there was a facility next to the kindergarten where my daughter used to go.

I am deeply concerned by the growing problem of child poverty in recent years.
The future of children is connected to the future of Japan, so if the problem of child poverty is left unresolved, it will have a great adverse effect on the economy. As beneficiaries of the market economy, securities companies should face up to this problem.

In the first open call for participants to the "Daiwa Securities Group Child Support Fund for Bright Futures", more than 100 organizations from all over Japan applied. Going forward, we would like to continue to support organizations that are engaged in activities in their respective regions that help solve the problem of child poverty.

In addition to the company's support activities, we hold the "Santa Charity Program" last year, in which Group officers and employees and ex-employees can participate voluntarily. It is important that these efforts have the support of each and every person involved and are continuously carried out. In the future, I hope that they will become part of voluntary efforts to tackle various social issues.