Volunteer Activities

Daiwa Securities Group believes that participation in volunteer programs and other community activities by employees helps broaden their perspectives and familiarize them with different values. We consider that this, in turn, has a good influence on both their work and their lives. Through our intranet, we provide information on volunteer opportunities for projects planned by ourselves, other businesses and NPOs/ NGOs as well as events that help educate employees and raise their awareness. We also strive to create an environment that makes it easy for employees to volunteer by setting up a recognition program, the Volunteer Award, and other incentives.

Initiatives to Promote Volunteer Activities

President's Awards program:

Daiwa Securities has the President's Awards program to recognize outstanding achievements by employees. As part of the program, we introduced the Volunteer Award in FY2007, which is given twice a year to employees and groups involved in volunteer initiatives and activities that provide ongoing support to communities.

Dissemination of Information through the Internal Network:

The Daiwa Securities Group introduces the best practice in such volunteer work, through our in-house magazine and internal TV programs.

Collection Drive

The Daiwa Securities Group has been running the following collection drives as initiatives that are easy for employees to participate in. Collected items are donated to various NPOs and sold by them to fund their activities, including support for education, medical services and assistance to the disabled in developing countries.


  • Participation in "Used Book Sale Donation for Children's Future" (donation to Children's Future Support Fund )
  • Donation of unusable postcards and used stamps (donations to Japan Committee "Vaccines for the World's Children" and Live with Friends on the Earth)
  • Donation of redundant calendars (donations to groups involved in disaster assistance or community support activities, which are selected each fiscal year)

Contribution made in FY2018 through collection drives (equivalent monetary value)

  • First half of FY2018 JEN BOOK MAGIC : ¥17,289
  • Second half of FY2018 Used Book Sale Donation for Children's Future : ¥49,453
  • Japan Committee "Vaccines for the World's Children" : ¥180,071
  • Live with Friends on the Earth : ¥145,914


Since the spring of 2013, Daiwa Securities Group has contributed to the TFT Program, which is organized by TABLE FOR TWO, an internationally designated NPO. This is an initiative aimed at correcting food imbalances between developing and developed countries by donating a portion of revenue from the purchase of food and drink by Group officers and employees to pay for school lunches in developing countries.
We introduced the TFT menu at the cafeteria in the head office building and the staff cafeteria in Daiwa Institute of Research and Daiwa Office Services Co., Ltd. started donating ¥1 per drink sold through the vending machines installed within the Group. We thus expand the platform for participating in the TFT activities.

TFT Program (equivalent monetary value)

  • Contributions made January - December, 2018
    Around 62,335 school lunches in developing countries
    (Calculated on the assumption that one meal costs ¥20)

Donation of Shareholder Reward Items

Daiwa Securities Group Inc. implements a shareholder reward program. Together with the operation of this program, we donate reward items returned to us due to the relocation of shareholders and other reasons, as well as reward items received for our shareholdings in other companies, to organizations such as designated NPOs and public interest incorporated foundations.

Initiatives Taken by the Group's Overseas Offices

Activities at the Group's London Operational Base

Daiwa Capital Markets Europe ("DCME") has continued to engage in various CSR activities, and to fully support the SDGs set by the UN. For example, the power supplied to the London Headquarters is now wholly from renewable sources, and various measures have been taken to reduce our carbon footprint. During the year, we achieved the international standard for energy management, believed to be one of the first awarded to a financial institution in London.
Recycling has been promoted throughout the building and, as part of this initiative, plastic bin bag consumption is set to reduce by 50,000 a year.

Go Green Roadshow
Earlier this year, a "Go Green Roadshow" event was held to showcase the efforts our key providers are taking in respect to their social responsibilities, and included our cleaning, recycling, energy management and catering suppliers.
Diversity & Inclusion
Diversity and inclusion remain top of the agenda, with Daiwa London signing up to the "Women in Finance" charter demonstrating our commitment to increase the representative of women in Banking, particularly at senior levels, and by joining the "Japan Diversity and Inclusion Group." A number of events have been attended to attract more female graduates to Daiwa, including a successful "Women in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics" careers fair.
Eradication of Poverty and Support for Efforts to Correct Unfair Disparities
DCME has also been accredited this year as a "London Living Wage Employer" as part of our support to eradicating poverty and reducing inequality. We continue to work with inner city charities, and offer a small number of apprenticeships each year targeting disadvantaged young people. Through the Daiwa Society we support two chosen charities each year, hold regular fund raising events, and support individuals participating in sponsored charity events.
Initiatives from a Business Perspective
From a business perspective, DCME has been supporting "Green bonds" and other environmental, social, and governance initiatives since 2008 and has since lead managed over 50 transactions that align to the objectives of the SDGs.
DCME's Debt Capital Market Department recently won The Environmental Finance Magazine's Lead Manager of the Year - Social Bonds award, selected by a panel of the world's largest green, social and sustainability bond investors. In addition, EMEA Finance magazine awarded the team "Best ESG Bond House" recognizing 2 ground-breaking 'Social' Samurai issues and a EUR 'Education' private placement bond.
In the wider SRI arena, encompassing green and sustainability bonds also, we led 8 issues during 2018 in 5 different currencies.
There is increasing interest in the firm's promotion of SDGs, and we seek to raise awareness and keep staff members informed through regular articles in the all staff newsletter "Daiwa in the City," via the weekly intranet news, and through "town hall" presentations by members of DCME senior management.
Graduate Recruitment stand at the STEM Women Conference (DCME)
CEO Meekins and COO Yonemoto presenting a charity fundraising cheque to Rainbow Trust.

Activities at the Group's New York Operational Base

Charity Friday
Daiwa Capital Markets America ("DCMA") hosts a "Charity Friday" once a month in which employees are allowed to wear jeans for their $5 donation to a selected charity. DCMA matches double the collection amount each Charity Friday, increasing the impact of our donation and furthering our commitment to the various causes we support. A few highlights of our 2018 Charity Friday events include our participation in donating for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month during the month of October, Answer the Call - New York Police & Fire Widows & Children's Benefit Fund to honor the NYC Police Officers, Firefighters, Port Authority Police, and EMS Personnel who have been killed in the line of duty and Tuesday's Children which provides personalized support and a safe "landing place" to traumatized, grief-stricken children, families and communities left reeling from terrorism or traumatic loss.
DCMA is also a proud corporate sponsor of Japan Day held at Central Park each May. DCMA will continue to support both local and widely known charities that benefit research and support education, finding cures for disease, disasters and other important causes.
Wellness/Women's initiative
2018 was another successful year for DCMA's Wellness Initiative. Consistent programs and events have been held throughout the year to promote health and wellness. In an effort to help employees be more aware of the DCMA benefits program, employees are now able to enroll into their benefits through the new online portal. They can easily view their benefits that are available to them, so that they are fully aware of the benefits that are provided by the firm. Monthly newsletters, nutrition seminars, blood drive, yoga classes, therapeutic massages and fresh fruits and healthy snacks have also been held to create awareness and extend our knowledge on physical health. Overall, it was a great year of consciousness and awareness of health in every way possible.
DCMA's Women's Initiative group held quarterly events to provide our female personnel avenue and forum to get to know each other better, exchange ideas, and share strategies for success in the workplace (women empowering women). Networking events such as the "Paint & Sip" and women's nutritional seminars have been held this year.

Activities at the Group's South Korea Operational Base

This year, Daiwa Securities Capital Markets Korea ("Daiwa Korea") participated in the "Love Bread Fair" event held by the Korean National Red Cross for underprivileged children. It was the company's second time participating in the event, following on from 2017. Under the supervision of bakers, participants made bread filled with preservative-free cheese and muffins, and provided them to support Korean children without adequate food. The event became a good opportunity for the company to contribute to the local community and again acknowledge the importance of sharing by providing safe food, as well as the pleasure and joy of eating, to children who are excluded from society.
Besides these activities, Daiwa Korea also makes a donation every month to Korea Food for the Hungry International, an NGO providing support to starving children within and outside South Korea, to further contribute to society.
In South Korea, the central government has recently been strongly promoting efforts for achieving work-life balance. With companies making efforts to conduct corporate activities in line with the government's policy, Daiwa Korea has set out the following as goals to strive toward:

  1. 1.encouraging proactive participation in social service activities (consideration and introduction of social contribution activity programs and provision of compensatory leave based on leave regulations to employees who participate in weekend social service activities);
  2. 2.creating comfortable work environments for women (improvement of welfare programs at each stage of pregnancy, childbirth, and child rearing, allowing adjustment of working hours and providing time to visit doctors for pregnant employees, setting up a nursing room and providing time for nursing at the discretion of the department head);
  3. and 3.encouraging employees to leave the office on time and take their annual paid leave (employees are required to submit their annual paid leave plan through to the end of period to management) to achieve work-life balance, and enhancing the welfare benefit system (supporting employees' self-development expenses, such as for studying languages, and expenses for promoting and maintaining health).
    The company will continue with these activities and proactively respond to the corporate image expected by society in an effort to contribute more extensively to society.

Collaborative Programs

The Daiwa Securities Group engages in collaborative programs as part of our efforts to create an environment where our employees find it easy to participate in volunteer activities.

The Daiwa Securities Group is a member of an organization for volunteer activities, based in the Chiyoda ward of Tokyo, comprised of 23 companies and one body, that works on initiatives contributing to communities together with other members.

Since 2009, we have joined the Chiyoda Volunteer Club, a free-of-charge membership program operated by Chiyoda Volunteer Center. Club members receive information on volunteer activities within the Chiyoda ward every month through an email newsletter. The system of the club is simple and convenient encouraging our employees to participate in volunteer work under this program.