Corporate Citizenship Initiatives

Daiwa Securities Group believes that participation in volunteer programs and other community activities by employees helps broaden their perspectives and familiarize them with different values. We consider that this, in turn, has a good influence on both their work and their lives.

Through our intranet, we provide information on volunteer opportunities for projects planned by ourselves, other businesses and NPOs/ NGOs as well as events that help educate employees and raise their awareness. We also strive to create an environment that makes it easy for employees to volunteer by setting up a recognition program, the Volunteer Award, and other incentives.

In FY2019, we introduced Volunteer Leave to create an environment that facilitates participation in volunteer activities.

Initiatives to Promote Volunteer Activities

President's Awards program
Daiwa Securities has the President's Awards program to recognize outstanding achievements by employees. As part of the program, we introduced the Volunteer Award in FY2007, which is given twice a year to employees and groups involved in volunteer initiatives and activities that provide ongoing support to communities.
Dissemination of Information through the Internal Network
In-house magazine Fuji
In-house magazine "Fuji"

The Daiwa Securities Group introduces the best practice in such volunteer work, through our in-house magazine and internal TV programs.

"Jeans Day"


For the purpose of charity for those affected by COVID-19 infection, we hold an event "Jeans Day" on the 1st of a month where officers and employees come to work in casual clothes and raise funds.
In the first half of FY2021, we donated the entire amount of the donation to the Red Feather campaign . In March 2022, in view of the current situation surrounding Ukraine, the Japan Committee for UNICEF "Ukraine Emergency Fundraising" was selected as the donation destination.
A total of more than 20 million yen is donated in one year to create opportunities to participate in social contribution activities, and a different atmosphere and communication style are created, contributing to a well-ventilated work environment and improving employee engagement.

Collection Drive

The Daiwa Securities Group has been running the following collection drives as initiatives that are easy for employees to participate in. Collected items are donated to various NPOs and sold by them to fund their activities, including support for education, medical services and assistance to the disabled in developing countries.

  • Participation in "Used Book Sale Donation for Children's Future" (donation to Children's Future Support Fund )
  • Donation of unusable postcards and used stamps (donations to Japan Committee "Vaccines for the World's Children" and Live with Friends on the Earth)
  • Donation of redundant calendars (donations to groups involved in disaster assistance or community support activities, which are selected each fiscal year)
Contribution made in FY2021 through collection drives (equivalent monetary value)
  • Used Book Sale Donation for Children's Future : ¥247,247
  • Japan Committee "Vaccines for the World's Children" : ¥147,602
  • Live with Friends on the Earth : ¥41,213

Donation Activity through Food and Drink

Donation Activity through Food and Drink

Since the spring of 2013, Daiwa Securities Group has contributed to the TFT Program, which is organized by TABLE FOR TWO, an internationally designated NPO. This is an initiative aimed at correcting food imbalances between developing and developed countries by donating a portion of revenue from the purchase of food and drink by Group officers and employees to pay for school lunches in developing countries.

We introduced the TFT menu at the cafeteria in the head office building and the staff cafeteria in Daiwa Institute of Research and Daiwa Facilities Co., Ltd. started donating ¥1 per drink sold through the beverage vending machines installed within the Group. Moreover, points earned through the “KA-RA-DA iki-iki Project,” which is aimed at strengthening employees’ health, can now be redeemed for contributions to the TFT Program. We have thus expanded the platforms for participating in the TFT activities.

The contributions made through the TFT Program during the period of January to December 2021 were equivalent to around 78,299 school lunches in developing countries (calculated on the assumption that one meal costs ¥20).

Donation of Shareholder Reward Items

Daiwa Securities Group Inc. implements a shareholder reward program. Together with the operation of this program, we donate reward items returned to us due to the relocation of shareholders and other reasons, as well as reward items received for our shareholdings in other companies, to organizations such as designated NPOs and public interest incorporated foundations.

Initiatives in Japan

Held a charity project with Kashima Antlers FC

Participate in food drive activity

At the Daiwa Securities Matsuyama Branch, they conducted a "food drive activity" to collect and donate surplus food from each household.
About four boxes of cardboard food, such as rice and beverages, brought by employees from each household were donated to organizations that need food, such as the children's cafeteria, through the Matsuyama Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Through such activities, each and every employee will continue to be interested in reducing food loss and will actively work to contribute to society and achieve the goals of the SDGs.

Donated food and members of Matsuyama branch
Donated food and members of Matsuyama branch
Letter of appreciation received from Matsuyama Chamber of Commerce
Letter of appreciation received from Matsuyama Chamber of Commerce

Contribution to Local Communities through Investment Activities of REITs

Daiwa Real Estate Asset Management contributes to local communities by addressing social issues through investment corporations and funds that entrust it with asset management.

Efforts for the sustainable development of local communities

Daiwa Office Investment Corporation is making efforts to contribute to the sustainable development of local communities by participating in various councils related to urban development and cooperating in participation in local events.
In addition, using the site of the office building they own, they will install a shared electric kickboard / share cycle port and attract kitchen cars, etc., and social life of tenant employees, residents, local residents, etc. They are trying to improve the above convenience.

Installation of electric kickboard (Daiwa Tsukishima building)
Attracting kitchen cars (Daiwa Nakano Sakaue building)

Efforts at healthcare facilities

At Daiwa Securities Living Investment Corporation, employees of the management company visit healthcare facilities owned nationwide several times a year for the purpose of deepening their understanding of the on-site work of operators in healthcare facilities and services for facility residents. They participate in exchange events (family social gatherings, senior citizens' associations, etc.), employee experience training, and help with daily work (cleaning, pruning of courtyard plants, etc.). They will continue to actively make this effort as part of our contribution to the local community.
(* Currently, due to the epidemic of COVID-19 infection, the above efforts are suspended to prevent infection.)

State of summer festival (Alpha Living Takamatsu station square)
State of planting pruning (Alpha Living Takamatsu Hyakkenmachi)

Initiatives against COVID-19

Daiwa Securities Hotel Private Investment Corporation will provide its hotel facilities as temporary self-isolated accommodation facilities after entering Japan as an initiative to combat COVID-19 infections. They accept returnees and immigrants, including foreign students and technical trainees, from overseas.

Initiatives Taken by the Group's Overseas Offices

Activities at the Group's London Operational Base

Daiwa Securities Capital Markets Europe Limited ("DCME") established the Sustainability Oversight Group in 2020. The Group, chaired by the Head of Strategy and Executive Governance, is comprised six working groups: Business Development; Regulation & Risk; Sustainability; Charity; Wellbeing and Diversity & Inclusion.
In January 2022, DCME created a new post of Head of ESG to develop the ESG-related strategy, solutions and services. DCME, with leaders across the Daiwa Securities Group, work to generate ESG-related client opportunities, advance their net zero efforts and educate colleagues for developing their collective expertise on sustainability initiatives and further embedding ESG and the SDGs at the heart of their strategy.

The Wellbeing Working Group

The Wellbeing Working Group aims to build a workplace environment and foster a culture that is supportive of all aspects of wellbeing. The wellbeing strategy has been developed against 7 pillars: physical, mental, social, spiritual, environmental, financial and emotional. They have also continued to populate 'Your Wellbeing News' every two months.
During the last few months, the working group have arranged additional Mental Health First Aider training and published a call for further volunteers to continue and improve mental health and wellbeing support for all employees.

DCME and the Wellbeing Working Group offered free bike servicing to all employees on 20th April to encourage those to do more exercise and save on commuting into the office.

Get Energised on your commute Comms which was sent to all staff.
'Get Energised on your commute' Comms which was sent to all staff.
DCME Wellbeing news – March 2022 edition
DCME Wellbeing news – March 2022 edition

The Diversity & Inclusion Working Group

The Diversity & Inclusion Working Group works closely with People and Culture to assist in delivering the firms D&I objectives. It is organised into four sub-groups on Gender & Family, Race & Ethnicity, LGBTQ+ and Multi-Faith.

In October 2021, DCME implemented a Black history month initiative called 'Shining a Light'. This is where colleagues kindly volunteered to share their stories including their background, childhood and first experiences of becoming aware of race. Their stories were posted on the intranet and the link was sent out in the Internal Communications email.

Shining a Light initiative - October 2021
Shining a Light initiative - October 2021

On 31st March to celebrate 'Transgender Day of Visibility', which was founded in 2009, the working group shared key facts and external links for employees to learn more. They are also looking to hold a workshop to raise LGBTQ+ awareness for up to 50 employees.

Banner for Transgender Day of Visibility.
Banner for Transgender Day of Visibility.

For International Woman's Day, the working group held a lunch seminar with the tag #BreakTheBias. This was led by members of senior leadership, including Megan McDonald (CEO), Shuntaro Nagashima (President of Strategic Business Development), Sarah Cawthra (Chief People Officer), Carolyn Jones (Head of Legal, Chair of D&I Working Group) and Tarek Hasan (Head of ESG).

Speakers from the IWD event - break the bias.
Speakers from the IWD event - break the bias.

The working group has the following plans set for 2022/2023 including:

  • Tokyo Pride networking event (24/25 April)
  • HR D & I Data collection
  • Tommy's Resource
  • Launch of Multi-faith Prayer / Quiet room
Tommy's pregnancy and parenting work package stats
Tommy's pregnancy and parenting work package stats

The Sustainability Working Group

The Sustainability Working Group aims to define and monitor measures of waste, consumption and environmental impact in the context of DCME's business processes and develop a framework to guide the firm in lowering its environmental impact. A key objective is to measure DCME's CO2 footprint and identify a path to net neutral, including early reduction targets.
DCME has already taken steps to reduce its carbon footprint, promoting energy efficiency, recycling and re-use. Recycling stations have been introduced throughout our premises and plastic cups removed from staff kitchens. Plastic bin bag consumption is set to reduce by 50,000 a year. The firm has ensured the most efficient operation of the building to reduce energy consumption and has switched its stationery contract to a sustainable supplier.
To help DCME adopt some environment friendly habits, the Sustainability Working Group ran a 'Do Just 1 Thing' campaign from 11th May to 27th August, to encourage everyone at DCME to pledge one thing they would do during those 3 months to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. For every entry submitted, DCME will plant a tree to build a greener world.

DCME Do just 1 thing to help build a greener world internal campaign
DCME "Do just 1 thing to help build a greener world" internal campaign

The Charity Working Group

The Charity Working Group have been working on further projects and initiatives in the recent months. In March, DCME participated in the Cycle for Smart Works charity initiative again, cycling a total of 520 miles and raising over £1,129 for this charity.

Also, following on from DCME's exceptional volunteering efforts at last year's Summer Lunch Club, Hackney Foodbank have invited the Charity Working Group and all employees to take part in this year's Summer Tesco Collection, which will take place on the 30th June and 1st July. This will allow employees to raise awareness of the food bank and the critical work they do in the community.

Banner sent to DCME staff to encourage participation in the Hackney Foodbank Summer Lunch Club.
Banner sent to DCME staff to encourage participation in the Hackney Foodbank Summer Lunch Club.

The Business Development Working Group

For detail Action through Product Development and Distribution > For Addressing Social Issues and Contributing to Future Development of Society and Financial and Capital Markets > FY2021 Initiatives Taken by the Group's Overseas Offices > Daiwa Capital Markets Europe Limited (DCME) Initiatives

The Regulation & Risk Working Group

The Regulation and Risk Working Group (RRWG) have created a page on the intranet to provide all DCME employees with more information, which includes an introduction, working group membership and a vast amount of resources, focusing on climate changes and regulatory updates.

The RRWG is made up of representatives from both DCME and DCMD covering Regulatory, Legal, Risk, Compliance and Font Office Control.

Activities at the Group's New York Operational Base

Cultural Awareness: DCMA's International Cookbook

Daiwa Capital Markets America Inc. (DCMA)'s International Cookbook was created to celebrate cultural diversity and the ways in which it extends into all areas of life, including the stories, recipes, and history that bring us together. With the help of DCMA staff, we assembled recipes collected from DCMA employees, and others from around the world, to learn about the different cultures we have at the firm, from American to International, and foods that are significant to them. Food is the great connector within our communities and the DCMA Cookbook serves as a shared space for the stories, recipes, and history that we share with each other.

Initiatives to Support Gender equality, Women Empowerment and Wellness:
Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser & International Women's Day Celebrations

DCMA's Women's Initiative Network was established in 2016 and strives to provide a forum for empowering women and promoting women's career growth, professional development and leadership.
October is breast cancer awareness month! This year, we hosted a charity event to raise awareness for Breast Cancer and to support the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation: a non-profit organization focusing on breast cancer research, screening, treatment, and education.
The International Women's Day in March 2022, DCMA sponsored events where employees and the Executive Team members made a pledge to "Break the Bias." The firm also hosted two clothing drive donations to support "Dress for Success" and "East Side House Settlement" which both help empower women & help them prepare for career success.

Initiatives to Support Quality Education:
Charitable Contributions and DCMA's Back to School Supply Drive

In August 2021, DCMA was excited to team up with Apex for Youth to host a Back to School Drive that provided students with much needed school supplies as they headed back to school in the fall. Through mentoring and educational programs that serve students from 1st to 12th grade, Apex volunteers guide and support youth to become confident, be ready for college and give back to the community. DCMA also made a monetary donation to help bridge the gap between disadvantage and academic success.
In May 2022, DCMA provided a donation to "Sheltering Arms" a local organization that helps to ensure that every child and family has access to the services and programs that support child education, local safety environment and healthcare.

A photo from Apex for Youth
A photo from Apex for Youth

Activities at the Group's Asia & Oceania Operational Base

Charity run event, CareER RunnERthon 2021 (Asia & Oceania)

Daiwa Capital Markets Hong Kong ("DCMHK") participated in the RunnERthon as a gold sponsor, with the great support from our staff, we have a total of 310 #TeamDaiwa runners participating in the event across the Asia region. The event is also registered for the Japan Autumn Fair promoted by the Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong and The Hong Kong Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
The RunnERthon is an annual charity event organized by CareER and the donation raised in the event is used to support career development for students and graduates with disabilities in Hong Kong.

CareER and DCMHK staff at the opening ceremony
CareER and DCMHK staff at the opening ceremony
The event poster at DCMHK office
The event poster at DCMHK office

SDGs Lunch & Learn Session (Asia & Oceania)

The Asia & Oceania region held lunch & learn sessions as part of the SDGs initiatives to provide opportunities to staff members to learn about diversity & inclusion in 2021.
We invited external experts and some of our staff as panelists to share their knowledge and experience on the topic. Over 100 staff members in the Asia and Oceania region participated in the first session, "Diversity and Inclusion", and more than 150 staff members participated in the second session, "Gender Equality".

Lunch and Learn sessions
Lunch and Learn sessions
Lunch and Learn sessions
Lunch and Learn sessions

Participation in Inclusive Recruitment Fair (Hong Kong)

Staff from HR, Operations, and IT departments of DCMHK joined the Inclusive Recruitment Fair hosted by CareER that supports career development for students and graduates with disabilities in Hong Kong. The staff shared Daiwa experience in disability inclusion with the candidates and explore potential opportunities in hiring job applicants referred by CareER.

DCMHK staff at Inclusive Recruitment Fair
DCMHK staff at Inclusive Recruitment Fair
DCMHK staff at Inclusive Recruitment Fair
DCMHK staff at Inclusive Recruitment Fair

Disability Inclusion Index (DII) launched by CareER (Hong Kong)

DCMHK has participated in CareER DII in 2021. DII is designed to identify and quantify gaps in the practice of workplace disability inclusion policies in participating organizations for more effective implementation. The DII is sponsored by Swire Trust, with strategic partnership with HKEX Foundation, knowledge partnership with Deloitte and Hong Kong Equal Opportunities Commission. Future direction towards implementation of workplace disability inclusion will be discussed further in accord with the detailed DII results and specific recommendations from CareER.

CareER Disability Inclusion Index Dissemination Ceremony
CareER Disability Inclusion Index Dissemination Ceremony
CareER Disability Inclusion Index Dissemination Ceremony
CareER Disability Inclusion Index Dissemination Ceremony

JFC (Japanese Junior Football Club) Sponsorship (Hong Kong)

DCMHK has sponsored JFC for their club operation and official uniform. Their official uniform has proudly featured Daiwa Capital Markets logo and our tagline "Passion for the Best".
With the sponsorship and support from Daiwa, the club hosted JFC tournaments with local/ international teams which provided opportunities for children to experience soccer tournaments. These events have fostered cultural exchange between the members and coaches from local and international backgrounds. Recently, JFC has won championships in some tournaments and number of children participating in their soccer training session has grown by 50% from the past year even though we are all facing the challenges under COVID-19 pandemic.

JFC kids playing soccer
JFC kids playing soccer
JFC kids playing soccer
JFC kids playing soccer

Well-being program (Melbourne, Australia)

Melbourne, Australia had the longest lockdown in the world from 2020 to 2021, with a total of 262 days. Daiwa Securities Capital Markets Australia has introduced a well-being program to maintain the physical and mental health of employees during the lockdown, including counseling support service, fitness, and home office setup.

DCM Australia staff purchased a new chair for his home office
DCM Australia staff purchased a new chair for his home office

Activities at the Group's South Korea Operational Base

Participation in "Love Handmade Soap Production"

Daiwa Securities Capital Markets Korea ("Daiwa Korea") participated in a non-face-to-face "love handmade soap production" activity in collaboration with the incorporated association HANSUP. As effects of the spread of COVID-19 continues to last longer than ever before, there is an urgent need to improve the hygiene environment for children who are marginalized more than ever before. It was a good opportunity to contribute to society by providing handmade soap.
Since before, Daiwa Korea has donated 100,000 won every month to Korea Food for the Hungry International, an NGO that supports children who are short of food at home and abroad in order to contribute to the realization of a society where they can live together.
Moreover, since the Korean government is strongly promoting the realization of an appropriate "work-life balance" in society as a whole, the company is making efforts to respond to such movements in local corporate activities and setting as effort goals:
(1) encouraging proactive participation in social service activities (investigating and providing information on social contribution activity programs and granting compensatory leave to employees who participate in weekend activities); (2) creating comfortable work environments for women (improvement of welfare programs at each stage of pregnancy, childbirth, and child rearing, allowing adjustment of working hours and providing time to visit doctors for pregnant employees, setting up a nursing room and providing time for nursing at the discretion of the department head); and (3) encouraging employees to leave the office on time and take their annual paid leave to achieve work-life balance, and enhancing the welfare benefit system (subsidizing employees' self-development expenses, such as for studying languages, and expenses for promoting and maintaining health).
In 2021, the company actively encouraged all employees to telework due to the prolonged effects of the spread of COVID-19, and made efforts to maintain business continuity and employee safety at the same time.
The company will continue to carry out such CSR activities and will strive to contribute to the Korean society more broadly by responding positively that the Korean society demands.

Members of Daiwa Korea who participated in the "Love Handmade Soap Production" activity

Collaborative Programs

Daiwa Securities Group engages in collaborative programs as part of our efforts to create an environment where our employees find it easy to participate in volunteer activities.

Daiwa Securities Group is a member of an organization for volunteer activities, based in the Chiyoda ward of Tokyo, comprised of 17 companies and one body that works on initiatives contributing to communities together with other members.

Since 2009, we have joined the Chiyoda Volunteer Club, a free-of-charge membership program operated by Chiyoda Volunteer Center. Club members receive information on volunteer activities within the Chiyoda ward every month through an e-mail newsletter. The system of the club is simple and convenient encouraging our employees to participate in volunteer work under this program.

Past Activities

Forest Preservation Activities

Daiwa Securities Group has continued to conduct hands-on programs for experiencing the importance of maintenance and preservation of forests, which account for two thirds of Japan’s total area.

Hands-on Forest Experience in Sayama Hills

The Group provided employees and their families with a forest preservation experience for 10 years from 2005 to 2014 at Mount Takao (Hachioji City, Tokyo). We changed the place of activity to Sayama Hills in Tokorozawa City, Saitama from FY2015 and have been conducting a program aimed at community village preservation activities.

Hands-on Forest Experience in Mount Takao

Hands-on Forest Experience in Mount Takao

The program was implemented at Mount Takao (Hachioji City, Tokyo) for 10 years from 2005 to 2014. It involves thinning out trees in the first year and carrying out maintenance work for pathways in the second year, using lumber from the thinning work. The program attracted around 30 participants each year as a program in which both parents and children (elementary school children or older) can participate.

Food Culture Exchange with Daiwa Scholars

Together with the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, the Group holds a food culture exchange event between Group employees and Scholars coming to Japan in September each year. The event is held for the purpose of cultural exchange between Japan and the United Kingdom. Through a cooking experience, we introduce washoku (Japanese cuisine), which has been added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list and is loved across the world.

Holding of Events with Sign Language and Simultaneous Captioning

Daiwa Securities Group has provided sign language classes for beginners to increase understanding and use of sign language. On July 7, 2011, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the classes, we held an event that could be participated in together with people with a hearing impairment. The sign language classes have ended, but we have continued to hold events using sign language and simultaneous captioning on an irregular basis.