Contribution through Foundations and NPOs

By donating through its foundations and funds and subsidizing NPOs, Daiwa Securities Group continually strives to support vulnerable populations to realize a prosperous society.

In 1972, Daiwa Securities Health Foundation was established in commemoration of Daiwa Securities' 30th anniversary. It currently targets research projects on medicine and medical care for diseases specific to middle-aged and elderly people, preventing the elderly from becoming bedridden, rehabilitation, and home-based medical care and nursing care. In FY2020, additional grants for research projects relating to COVID-19 provided to meet the needs of the times. Grants are provided primarily to support young researchers. In FY2020 (the 47th year of support, COVID-19 related support), the Foundation awarded a total of ¥40.6 million to 43 recipients. In addition to grants, the Foundation issues reports on research results and works to contribute to local communities.

Presentation ceremony at Daiwa Securities Health Foundation (Head Office)
FY2019 presentation ceremony at Daiwa Securities Health Foundation (Head Office)
In FY2020, a presentation ceremony was not held in consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Daiwa Securities Health Foundation's cumulative grants awarded through FY2020
Number of recipients 1,341 people
Total amount of grants ¥1,319,1 million

In 1994, Daiwa Securities Foundation was launched as part of commemorative activities for the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Daiwa Securities. It has provided grants to activities for supporting the elderly, children with disabilities, and children, and other volunteer work with great social significance, as well as disaster relief efforts for victims of large-scale natural disasters such as those from earthquakes and torrential rain. In FY2018, the Foundation expanded its scope of support by adding activities for supporting children living in poverty or other harsh environments to its grant targets. In FY2020 (its 27th year of support the third year of grants for children), the Foundation awarded a total of ¥47.64 million to 185 organizations.

Presentation ceremony at Daiwa Securities Foundation (Nagoya Branch)
FY2019 presentation ceremony at Daiwa Securities Foundation (Nagoya Branch)
In FY2020, a presentation ceremony was not held in consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Daiwa Securities Foundation's cumulative grants awarded through FY2020
Volunteer Activities Grants
  • Number of projects receiving grants : 3,878 projects
  • Total amount of grants : ¥977.90 million
Grants to activities supporting children
  • Number of projects receiving grants : 17 projects
  • Total amount of grants : ¥8.18 million
Media reports concerning grant activities

In FY2020, there were no media reports as the presentation ceremony was not held due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a UK charity for fostering closer ties between the United Kingdom and Japan, the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation was established in 1988 with contributions from Daiwa Securities Co Ltd.
The Foundation's Tokyo office provides local assistance to Daiwa Scholars (students from the United Kingdom) staying in Japan for about 20 months, administers grant applications from Japan and collaborates with other institutions promoting Anglo-Japanese relation.

  1. 1.Awarding grants to individuals, institutions, and organizations working to promote ties between the United Kingdom and Japan
  2. 2.Awarding scholarships (Daiwa Scholarships) for British graduates to study Japan and the Japanese language
  3. 3.Awarding the Daiwa Scholarships in Japanese Studies, which are supported by Daiwa Securities, for students from the United Kingdom who are advancing to graduate school in the U.K. or Japan to conduct research on Japan
  4. 4.Organizing events regulatory , at Daiwa Japan House in London, which is the Foundation’s headquarters, to improve understanding of Japan in the United Kingdom
    Seminars are currently being held online (as webinars) due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  5. 5.Organizing events in Japan in collaboration with the British Embassy and others

Daiwa Scholars and Daiwa Scholars in Japanese Studies

After getting PCR test of the COVID-19, Daiwa Scholars 2019 ,who had arrived in Japan and completed their one-year Japanese language study in 2019 , finished for four-week home-stays in Kasuga City, Kyoto, Mima City, Tanegashima, Sado Island, Kochi City, Kuroshio-cho, Akita City, and Kunitomi-cho upon completion of their one-year Japanese language study. This year, visits to Daiwa Securities branches at the homestay sites were not conducted.
A closing ceremony was held online for the first time at the Head Office building on March 23, 2021 as the final event of the Daiwa Scholarships.
Chair of the Trustees of Sir Tim Hitchens gave a congratulatory speech in Japanese, and a video message in Japanese from Ambassador Julia Longbottom of the United Kingdom to Japan was played. Takashi Hibino, Vice Chair of the foundation, who is also the Chairman of the Board of the Group, gave a congratulatory speech and presented certificates of completion, followed by speeches by the 2019 scholarship recipients (one of whom participated online from the UK) expressing their gratitude for the program, bringing the 19-month scholarship program to a conclusion.

The Daiwa Scholar 2019 completion ceremony
The Daiwa Scholar 2019 completion ceremony
Cumulative number of people completing the Daiwa Scholar program by FY2019 190 people

Daiwa Myanmar-Japan Foundation

In April 2013, Daiwa Securities Group established the Daiwa Myanmar-Japan Foundation to improve people's livelihoods in Myanmar and develop the human capital necessary for sustainable economic growth. Since its establishment, the Foundation has implemented a scholarship student support program that provides junior staff of the country's central government with opportunities to study in Japan. To date, it has supported a total of 30 scholarship students.*1 After completing their studies, the students are provided with opportunities to receive training at the Financial Services Agency of Japan and Daiwa Securities Group. The Foundation has also provided training to 100 certified public accountants in Myanmar to date,*2 based on the tripartite memorandum of understanding signed with the Myanmar Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants. It has also assisted staff of the Government of Myanmar in gaining securities-related credentials, starting in June 2020, in an effort to help improve their financial knowledge. The Foundation’s initiatives are positioned as one of the measures that Japan's public and private sectors have worked on together to invigorate Myanmar's capital market. They contribute to developing and creating a network of the human resources that will form the country’s future leaders.

  • *1 In consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic, the FY2020 program was postponed.
  • *2 In consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic, training was conducted online in FY2020.
Contributions by Daiwa Myanmar-Japan Foundation (cumulative)
Number of Myanmar citizens receiving scholarships 30 people
Number of participants in public accountant training 100 people

Daiwa Securities Phoenix Japan Program

In May 2012, we established the Daiwa Securities Phoenix Japan Program as a measure to support reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011. Under this program, we donate part of the trust fees from the investment trust "Daiwa Nippon Support Fund Vol. 3 - Phoenix Japan -."

(Collaboration: Authorized NPO Japan NPO Center)

Since fiscal 2010, the Group has provided support to the American NPO Kopernik, which was established to improve quality of life and reduce poverty in developing countries. This program is operated by donations related to the investment trusts "Daiwa Eco Fund" and "Russell Investment Global Environmental Technology Fund".

Other disaster support (examples)

Torrential Rain Disaster in July 2020 5 million yen
Donation in response to damage caused by Typhoon Hagibis in 2019 10 million yen
Contribution to Areas Damaged by the 2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake 10 million yen
Contribution to Areas Damaged by the Torrential Rain in July 2018 10 million yen
About 11.22 million yen (donation activities by officers and employees)
Donation in response to the heavy rain disaster in northern Kyushu in FY2017 10 million yen

Major initiatives to date


Daiwa Securities Group Tsunami Reconstruction Fund (implemented March 2005 to September 2015)

The "Daiwa Securities Group Tsunami Reconstruction Fund" was established on March 9, 2005 as a measure to support the reconstruction of areas affected by the Sumatra Earthquake and Indian Ocean Tsunami that occurred on December 26, 2004. This is a long-term support project over 10 years from 2005, with Daiwa Securities Group Inc. contributing 10 million yen each year (100 million yen in total).
(Monitoring: Authorized NPO Asia Community Center 21, Fund management: Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited)


3keys program (implemented October 2012 to March 2016)

Since fiscal 2012, the Group has been providing support to 3keys, a designated NPO that provides learning support at orphanages. Under this program, we contribute part of the trust fees from the investment trust "Daiwa SRI Fund" to support the activities of this organization.

"Daiwa SRI Fund" Grant Program (implemented April 2006 to July 2013)

This is a subsidy program for domestic NPOs with the purpose of developing NPO staff who are active in fields related to "life" (human security fields). We donated part of the trust fees of the investment trust "Daiwa SRI Fund" during its operation.
(Collaboration: Designated NPO Civil Society Initiative Fund)

Daiwa JFS Youth Sustainability College (implemented October 2006 to September 2010)

A program was held for students in which sustainability was divided into four themes to provide an overall picture over four years (once session a month). Our college was translated into English and transmitted to 191 countries and regions around the world from the website of the environmental NGO Japan for Sustainability. This program was held using part of the trust fees from the investment trust "Daiwa Eco Fund".
(Collaboration: Designated NPO Japan for Sustainability)

Social Business College (implemented October 2010 to September 2012)

We planned and held this event as a forum for disseminating information on social business and discussing sound business models and optimal financing.
A report prepared by Daiwa Institute of Research based on the college topics and details of the lectures is presented.

Session One: Representative Director Natsuko Shiraki of HASUNA Co., Ltd. (held on October 28, 2010)

Development of an ethical jewelry brand to address issues of poverty and child labor

Session Two: Representative Director Eriko Yamaguchi of MOTHERHOUSE Co. & Ltd. (held on December 7, 2010)

Creating world-class brands from developing countries

Session Three: President Yoshiki Takemoto of tobimushi Inc. (held on February 14, 2011)

Regional revitalization through forestry business

Session Four: Senior Managing Director Eiko Nakamura of eco farm Co., Ltd. (held on May 31, 2011)

Using pigs as partners to regenerate abandoned land and conduct recycling-based agriculture

Session Five: Representative Director Michihiro Kouno of Yagisawa Shouten Co., Ltd. (held on July 21, 2011)

Rebuilding a 200-year-old soy sauce brewery to develop with Rikuzentakata

Session Six: President Mitsuru Izumo of Euglena Co., Ltd. (held on October 25, 2011)

Green algae will save the earth!

Session Seven: President Keiji Ikeuchi of Ikeuchi Organic Co., Ltd. (held on December 15, 2011)

From Ehime to the world – weaving towels with the wind: business links between Imabari and Tanzania

Session Eight: Representative Director Yuko Morishige of A DANSÉ Co., Ltd. (held on January 27, 2012)

Forests, AIDS, and shea butter

Session Nine: Co-Founder and CEO Toshi Nakamura of Kopernik Solutions (a U.S.-based non-profit organization) (held on March 5, 2012))

Using innovation to solve poverty problems in developing countries

Session Ten: Representative Director Takashi Kawazoe Carepro, Inc. (held on May 25, 2012)

Saving 33 million vulnerable people with one-coin check-ups

Session Eleven: Representative Director Takashi Iwasa of Yamamoto Ichigo Farm Co., Ltd. (held on July 17, 2012)

What can we do for agriculture of the future: Post-earthquake reconstruction challenges of strawberry farmers in Yamamoto-cho?

Session Twelve (held on September 25, 2012)

  • Part 1: CEO Masami Komatsu of Music Securities, Inc.
  • Part 2: Social business—Questioning business in the 21st century
    CEO Masami Komatsu of Music Securities, Inc.Mariko Kawaguchi
    Senior Principal, Research Division Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd.


Support for production of "Renewable Japan Status Report" (implemented 2010 to 2011)

We donated trust fees from the investment trust "Daiwa Eco Fund" to be used as production costs for the 2011 and 2012 editions of the "Renewable Japan Status Report" published by the designated NPO Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies.

Daiwa Russell GEF Environmental Technology Promotion Project (implemented 2008 to 2009)

This was a project to compile and disseminate a handbook about basic technologies that can be sufficiently created and operated by materials and human resources in developing countries from among Japan's environmental technologies. A donation was made from part of the trust fees of the investment trust "Russell Investment Global Environmental Technology Fund."
(Collaboration: General Incorporated Foundation Global Environmental Forum)

Daiwa CI Biodiversity Conservation Fund (implemented 2007 to 2008)

We established and supported a fund to support eight local communities that are important for biodiversity conservation in areas around World Natural Heritage Sites. A donation was made from part of the trust fees of the investment trust "Daiwa Eco Fund."
(Collaboration: General Incorporated Foundation Conservation International)