Financial Education for the Young Generation

Capitalizing on financial and economic expertise accumulated through its securities business, Daiwa Securities Group engages in business-academia collaborations and supports programs for junior and senior high school students as well as teachers. We believe that economic and financial education is important in helping young people develop the capacity to build their own lives and shape the future world.

Financial Education Textbook "Let's Learn about Stocks"

Daiwa Securities Group Inc. prepared "Let's Learn about Stocks," a financial education textbook targeting upper-grade elementary school children and above, with support from school teachers.


Upper-grade elementary school children and above


  • Company role
  • Structure of the corporationand financing with shares
  • The role of stock exchanges and how stocks are helping
  • Role of securities companies

Support to "Job Museum" and "Job Almanac"

Since FY2016, Daiwa Securities Group Inc. has been providing support to "Job Museum," career education materials for elementary school children released by The Asahi Shimbun Company.

  • The web version, "Job Museum Kids," has a quiz and other features enabling visitors to enjoy the site like a game.
  • The book version, "Job Almanac," has been donated to elementary schools and junior high schools across Japan, as well as overseas Japanese schools and some children's cafeterias.
  • "Job Almanac 2018" Donation of 64,000 copies (published on June 15, 2018)
  • "Job Almanac 2019" Donation of 63,500 copies (published on June 17, 2019)

Information on economic and financial education learning website

Information Website for Child Rearing and Money "SODATTE"

The website sets up five categories, including "Money Lessons," "Family Finances" and "Education Funds," and disseminates columns that provide tips to child-rearing generations.

Picture book of money for toddlers "a-i-u-e-o kane no ehon"

This is a website where adults and toddlers of the child-raising generation can study together and learn the Japanese hiragana.

Information Website for teenagers "Okane no Mikata"

A website where teenagers, mainly junior high and high school students, can enjoy learning basic knowledge about finance, economy and investment that will be needed in the future to plan their own life and manage money.

Daiwa Internet TV

In 2000, Daiwa Securities Group began "Daiwa Securities Information TV," Japan's only channel dedicated to securities information, on the multichannel pay TV broadcast service "SKY Perfect TV!" Since April 2011, we have been producing "Daiwa Internet TV" at our own studio and distributing it online in an effort to target a wider range of viewers. We distribute information on the Tokyo market five times a day in a timely manner, while providing local market information from Hong Kong and New York every day.
In addition to these daily programs, we distribute corporate information as well as video reports where analysts and economists at Daiwa Securities and DIR provide commentaries on current issues in an easy-to-understand way.
Our Daiwa Internet TV initiative was introduced by the SDG Industry Matrix for Financial Services (issued jointly by the United Nations Global Compact and KPMG International in 2015) as a case for Goal 4 "Quality Education." The report highlighted Daiwa's timely and free of charge provision of a variety of financial and investment information.
We will continue to make efforts to produce programs that can be viewed by not only investors but also those who are new to investment, and that can support the journey from savings to asset building.

Support for KidZania


Daiwa Securities Group is a supporter of KidZania, a theme park designed to offer work experiences to children, and has been providing support to the facilities in Tokyo and Koshien (Hyogo Prefecture) since they opened. KidZania provides children from the age of three to 15 with programs that enable them to learn the mechanisms of society in a fun way. In the Daiwa Securities pavilions, children act as consultants at a securities company, giving advice to clients, going to nearby pavilions, and checking their levels of traffic and popular products. Based on the results of those checks, they then make investment recommendations for their clients.

Finance Park

Finance Park in Shinagawa

Daiwa Securities Group cooperates with Finance Parks operated by Junior Achievement Japan. This program provides opportunities for junior high school students to learn economic and financial mechanisms that will be necessary for them in their adult life. Finance Parks have been operating in Shinagawa (Tokyo), Kyoto, Iwaki (Fukushima Prefecture), and Sendai (Miyagi Prefecture). We have set up pseudo-branches of Daiwa Securities in these parks.

Number of participants in Finance Parks for FY2018
20,926 people


  • Shinagawa: 1,902
  • Kyoto: 7,376
  • Iwaki: 3,218
  • Sendai: 8,430

(on an application basis; surveyed by Junior Achievement Japan)