Social Contribution Activities

Education and Research in Economics and Finance

By leveraging the knowledge and know-how in the economic and financial fields cultivated through the securities business, the Group aims to equip the younger generation, who will lead the next generation, with the power to open up the future through economic and financial education. We carry out cooperation and support activities for educational programs for students and teachers.

For Your Dreams - Daiwa Securities Group Children’s Smile Project

Daiwa Securities Group has launched "For Your Dreams—Daiwa Securities Group Children’s Smile Project" to support the future of children.

Basic Policy for Social Contribution Activities

Daiwa Securities Group has formulated the Basic Policy for Social Contribution Activities to strengthen its governance structure to oversee and promote the implementation of social contribution activities.

Support for culture and the arts

Daiwa Securities Group provides ongoing support for sports, culture, and art promotion.

Contribution through Foundations and NPOs

Daiwa Securities Group, in collaboration with NPOs and others, continually subsidizes effective activities that contribute to the resolution of social issues at home and abroad.

Corporate Citizenship Initiatives

Daiwa Securities Group uses the intranet to introduce volunteer activities sponsored by the Company, co-sponsored by other companies, and awareness-raising events that help employees to become aware of them.