Environmental Initiatives

Daiwa Securities Group has been promoting a variety of initiatives in order to contribute to the resolution of environmental issues by establishing the Environmental Vision, Environmental Principles, and Basic Environmental Policies.

  • Environmental Vision
    The Group is dedicated to protecting the precious global environment and preserving it for future generations by leveraging financial capabilities.
  • Environmental Principles
    The Group recognizes the importance of environmental principles such as the effort to combat global warming, recycling and reuse of raw materials, and preserving biodiversity, in order to create a sustainable society for the 21st century. The Group pledges to contribute to solving environmental issues through its business as a financial services company and, to constantly seek new ways to reduce its environmental impact as a responsible corporate citizen.
  • Basic Environmental Policies
    1. 1.Make positive environmental contributions through our core business activities
      We shall seek to develop and provide financial products and services that promote a low-carbon, recycling-oriented, and symbiotic society.
    2. 2.Implement an environmental management system
      We shall implement an environmental management system and constantly seek new ways to improve environmental activities. In addition, we shall support environmental education and publicity efforts, while promoting environmental protection efforts by employees.
    3. 3.Take steps to save natural resources, reduce energy consumption, and promote biodiversity system
      We shall continue to progress in our efforts to reduce the use of natural resources and energy, and seek ways to improve materials and energy efficiency (including efforts to improve business efficiency). We shall also take steps to reduce water use and reduce, reuse, and recycle other materials to contribute to a more environmentally friendly society. Furthermore, considering the importance of biodiversity, we shall seek a symbiotic relationship with the environment and use safe, clean methods of materials procurement.
    4. 4.Promote environmental communication
      Working in concert with business partners, the local community, NGOs and NPOs, we shall actively disseminate information about environmental issues, and communicate our concern for the environment to customers and society at large.
    5. 5.Strictly observe environmental regulations
      We shall always endeavor in environmental preservation, observing environmental laws and regulations in addition to the Group's environmental policies.

Daiwa Securities Group Inc. (May 22, 2012)

This section introduces Daiwa Securities Group's environmental policies and targets, as well as initiatives through business activities that we are promoting to protect the global environment.

Daiwa Securities Group Inc. announced support for TCFD in April 2018. Based on the recommendations of the TCFD, we disclose our awareness of the current situation.

In November 2018, we issued our first green bond. We disclose the status of allocation of procured funds and the status of environmental impact as information on green bonds.