Responsibilities of Our Securities Business

At Daiwa Securities Group, we believe that our role is not only to maintain and develop a fair and dynamic financial market, but also to incorporate a social perspective in finance in order to contribute to building a sustainable society. For example, the securities business - our core operations - plays a key role in society by building a bridge between the needs of investors to manage assets and those of the private and public sectors to raise funds.
On investing in securities, we promote methods of investment that take ESG (environment, society, and governance) factors, such as environmental and social initiatives into account together with financial information.

Supporting Sound Financial and Capital Markets-Six Roles of the Daiwa Securities Group-

We support companies that need funds, from listing support to consulting.
We will continue to support social infrastructure by creating a flow of funds, contributing to the creation of a soil where innovation is easy to occur, and the creation of a more active and stable financial market.

Role 1 Fund procurement by companies, etc.

Companies issue capital by issuing securities (stocks and bonds) and use them to develop new products and provide new services. Financing using these securities will contribute to the growth of the company and the resulting economic growth.
Daiwa Securities Group advises companies and others on financing using securities.

Role 2 Support for initial public offerings

The emergence and growth of new companies is essential for economic growth. The initial listing will not only contribute to the growth of the company but also provide investment opportunities for various investors. The Group is assisting in the initial listing.

Role 3 Assistance in trading of securities

Securities such as stocks and bonds are mainly traded on markets such as stock exchanges.
Securities companies help you buy and sell securities. It is also important to ensure that the securities traded are delivered correctly.

Role 4 Assistance in asset building

The Group offers a wide range of products and services, and offers proposals tailored to customers to help with life planning and asset formation.

Role 5 Analysis and provision of information

Many economists, analysts and strategists provide a wide variety of information that combines the latest trends and in-depth analysis in an easy-to-understand format.

Role 6 Protect market trust

The market for securities is an important infrastructure of society and is built on the trust of participants. The Group strictly manages information and monitors transactions to ensure that the market is fair and fair. We are also actively working on dealing with ever-evolving trading methods and new issues.

Responsible Action as an Institutional Investor

Adoption of "Japan's Stewardship Code"

In February 2014, Japan's Financial Services Agency (FSA) announced the "Principles for Responsible Institutional Investors, also known as "Japan's Stewardship Code." The code was drawn up to promote sustainable growth of businesses, in response to "The Japan Revitalization Strategy," which was approved by Cabinet on June 14, 2013, through constructive dialogue between businesses and various types of institutional investors whilst the latter duly fulfill their fiduciary duties. The stewardship for institutional investors signifies careful management of assets for the maximum benefit of clients and beneficiaries and taking action to promote sustainable growth of companies invested in.

System at Daiwa Asset Management

Participation in Initiatives