Initiatives through Business Activities

Daiwa Securities Group's mission is to contribute to the development of society and the economy through business operations, including wealth management for investors and support for the development of financial strategies and other aspects of corporations and public institutions. Deepening the bond of trust we share with our stakeholders is essential to the sustainable accomplishment of our mission and achievement of growth.

The securities business, the core business of Daiwa Securities Group, plays a key role in society by building a bridge between the needs of investors to manage assets and those of the private and public sectors to raise funds.

Impact Investment is a type of investment that not only pursues economic benefits, but also uses funds raised solely to solve social issues, such as poverty and environmental problems.
Daiwa Securities Group , as a pioneer for Impact Investment bonds in Japan, provides customers with opportunities to invest in bonds for the purpose of solving social issues.

Daiwa Securities Group as an integrated securities group provides, in addition to investment information, a wide range of information on the economy and society. We hope that the measures we propose from a long-term perspective will be helpful to customers, investors and a variety of stakeholders.

Daiwa Securities Group understands that customer trust is the foundation of our business. Based on the idea of the Customer First Principle, we always try to provide services that deliver genuine customer satisfaction.
We have also adopted the idea of hospitality to enhance our existing concept of customer service. We aim to provide customer service that gives the most satisfaction to customers.

Daiwa Securities Group begins the social problem solving businesses in various fields, such as FinTech, healthcare, energy infrastructure, and agriculture, utilizing the knowledge of various securities and financial businesses cultivated by the Group.

The securities business, the core business of Daiwa Securities Group, serves as an important social and economic infrastructure. Maintaining and developing this infrastructure is a major mission for the Group.