Placed first in Nikkei Veritas rankings for fiveth straight year, first in Institutional Investor rankings for fourth year running

Daiwa Securities has won first place again for equities research in the Nikkei Veritas Popular Analysts Survey* ranking, marking our fourth straight year taking the top honors.

Daiwa also ranked as Japan’s top equity research provider on Institutional Investor magazine’s All-Japan Research Team**, our third straight year at No. 1 here as well.

We are deeply grateful to our valued clients for this high level of recognition.

As one of Japan’s most venerable equities research bodies, Daiwa Securities Group’s Research Division continues to uphold its tradition of fundamentals-focused analysis.

Moreover, Daiwa was among the first of Japan’s financial institutions to meaningfully undertake ESG research***, moving aggressively into this fresh arena in order to offer more multifaceted views of individual sectors and firms.

Committed to breaking new ground while never forgetting the importance of traditional research, Daiwa Securities will always place the needs of our clients first as we work to continuously enhance the quality of our in-depth, far-seeing analysis.

*: One of Japan’s best-known and most prestigious surveys going back over thirty years, with rankings based on votes of institutional investors.

**: With voting primarily by foreign investors, one of the most influential rankings from a global perspective.

***: Research activity identifying investment targets from the perspective of Environmental, Social, and Governance considerations.

▼ Daiwa analysts ranked No. 1 in their sectors: