Annual Report
2008 Annual Report

"United to be the Best"

Annual Report2008
During FY 2007, financial markets around the globe were thrown into turmoil as the sub-prime loan crisis unfolded in the US. Naturally this had a considerable impact on the securities companies. In the harsh environmental change, however, the Daiwa Securities Group makes continuous efforts to increase the flow of stable earnings by expanding assets under custody and build a solid operation base by expanding Asian business and other growth areas.

Our annual report 2008 introduces not only our ongoing efforts and future plans to be Japan's best securities group, stated under the Group's medium-term management plan "Passion for the Best 2008", but it also illustrates our challenges for the area of the wellspring of future competitiveness such as promotion of a "Work-Life Balance".

Topics 1 : Building a Network in Asia and Worldwide
The Daiwa Securities Group is responding to the opportunities by solidifying its operating base and expanding its range of products and services throughout the region. Using the know-how and experience that it developed in Japan, the Group extends its presence in the region, and it is also contributing to the growth and development of Asian companies and capital markets.

Topics 2 : Expanding Retail Services
Daiwa Securities is concentrating its efforts on businesses that manage customer assets, working to increase the balance of assets under custody and help customers increase the value of their assets over the long term. Japanese households are starting to move their estimated ¥1,500 trillion in individual financial assets from savings to investment. Although the sub-prime loan crisis temporarily slowed this trend, the funds are still moving steadily into capital markets. As the number of individual investors increases, their investment support needs expand as well. By offering a broad range of services to meet these needs, Daiwa Securities is steadily expanding its retail business.

Topics 3 : Human Resources, the Wellspring of Competitiveness
The Daiwa Securities Group is constantly striving to attract and train high-quality employees in order to maintain its position as a pioneer, exploring new opportunities in financial and capital markets and pursuing pathways to future growth.

Topics 4 : Building Top-Quality IT Infrastructure
The Daiwa Securities Group is investing aggressively in IT infrastructure, seeking to achieve an optimal balance of IT equipment and relevant personnel and provide the support necessary to implement Group business strategy swiftly and effectively.

United to be the Best
In December 2007, the Daiwa Securities Group moved its head offices to GranTokyo North Tower, in a relocation that consolidates the retail and wholesale, and other important functions of the Group in a single location. We hope that this will enhance communication and cooperation among Group companies, and support our ongoing effort to be Japan's very best securities group.

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