Annual Report
2007 Annual Report

"Our Approach to Being the Best"

Annual Report2007
Current favorable business conditions offer continuing support for capital and financial markets. Individual financial assets are shifting "from savings to investment," while Japanese corporations are increasingly reorganizing their businesses. These dramatic changes are expanding business opportunities for the Daiwa Securities Group to leverage its core strength as a securities house.

Our 2007 annual report uses "trust" as a keyword to present our approach to being "the best" in every field. Through this approach, we aim to become "Japan's best securities group," a goal of our medium-term management plan, "Passion for the Best" 2008.

Trustworthy Growth
1.Under its medium-term management plan, "Passion for the Best" 2008, the Daiwa Securities Group has set out to "build Japan's best securities group on a foundation of customer trust and employee commitment."
2.As Japan's financial and capital markets undergo dramatic structural shifts, the Daiwa Securities Group is drawing upon its core strengths in the securities business to play a central role in market evolution.
3.The Daiwa Securities Group is working to raise its profile in the highly promising financial markets of Asia.

Trustworthy Management
1.The Daiwa Securities Group is developing a comprehensive framework for managing capital and maintaining an appropriate balance of risks, returns and capital in order to strengthen the Group's financial base.
2.The Group is working to boost employee motivation, which in turn can enhance customer satisfaction and corporate value.
3.Highly transparent and objective corporate governance forms the essential foundation for management trust.

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