Creating a rewarding workplace

The Daiwa Securities Group believes that maximizing the motivation of our employees will lead to improved customer satisfaction and consequently enhance shareholder value. We take a range of measures to ensure that all of our employees feel a sense of job satisfaction and that their families and partners share their pride to be part of the Group.

Hiring Initiatives

The Daiwa Securities Group would like all of its employees to be highly motivated and to stay with the Group from hiring to retirement. All new college graduates recruited by the Group, including those with disabilities, are brought on as full and regular employees aiming to encourage newly hired to have a sense of trust and pride in the Group, and a sense of solidarity with their colleagues. On April 1, 2014, 610 new employees joined the Group.
By providing an environment where diverse people can perform to their full potential, we hope to be able to retain highly skilled people. Endeavoring to be one of Asia's leading financial services firms, we also focus on attracting people capable of excelling globally.

Fairness in Hiring

The Daiwa Securities Group has published its Guidelines for Fair Hiring, composed of three fundamental principles for ensuring fair hiring practices.

Guidelines for Fair Hiring
  • 1.Utmost respect for the right of the applicants.
  • 2.Eligibility for all individuals who meet the hiring criteria.
  • 3.Making all hiring decisions based on a fair and objective evaluation of the applicants' ability, aptitude and motivation.

Recruitment of University Graduates

In FY2011, we began hiring recent university graduates who had obtained their diploma within the preceding three years with or without any work experience during the period as part of our efforts to build a diverse workforce. These recruits receive the same training as new graduates.

Support for the Success of Veteran Employees

The Daiwa Securities Group has introduced Senior Advisors Scheme in which senior employees with a wealth of experience work actively in the workplace alongside with their younger colleagues. Our senior advisors work in region of their choice and engage in consultation-oriented sales activities with a long-term investment perspective while keeping their close ties with the local communities.
We have Daiwa Master Program which supports the success of highly motivated and skilled employees after their stated retirement age. Under the program our senior advisors can work up to the age of 70. Leading the initiatives expected to be introduced in Japan due to its aging society, our scheme with extended retirement age lets our experienced personnel continue to make contributions at their work place through better customer services with their attention to details and helping younger colleagues by letting emulate them.

Employment of People with Disabilities

The Daiwa Securities Group has around 170 employees with disabilities working for a wide range of responsibilities in our head office, sales branches and contact centers.
We had started recruiting new graduates with disabilities as regular employees (general office staff) in FY2008, and in FY2011 broadened the scheme to the career-track employee, regional career-track employee, and employee for customer services. We have also vigorously increased recruitment opportunities by holding briefings about the company for new graduates, participating in career expos, and implementing job placement support programs for university students with disabilities.
Once people with disabilities are hired, we provide support for their career advancement, for example, creating opportunities for them to enter the career-track and regional career-track employment opportunities.

Human Resource Development and Skill Enhancement

Employee Training Approaches and Trends

The Daiwa Securities Group's competitiveness derives from our employees. We have a management vision to become one of Asia's leading financial services groups possessing and leveraging a solid business platform in Japan. To materialize this vision, we focus on human resource development with the aim of creating clusters of professionals. We offer extensive training programs to newly hired employees as we believe that the moment their joining us is a critical period for their training. The program ensures that they acquire not only the basic knowledge and skills, but understanding of our corporate philosophy and commitment to CSR.
We also believe that our employees must have a firm understanding of corporate ethics and compliance in order to ensure the development of sound financial and capital markets–a key issue for the Daiwa Securities Group. Accordingly, we offer regular training on information security and compliance.

Education and Training System

The Daiwa Securities Group trains employees based on our Group-wide policy using programs tailored to their skill levels. We would like to foster a sense of solidarity and networking among employees of Group companies thus offer joint training opportunities.
We help employees raise their skills to higher levels, and have set up new programs that aim to improve their capabilities in specialized fields starting second half of FY2013. We have also expanded training programs for those with managerial responsibilities to improve our productivity further.
From FY2013, the Annex Education Program, a program for newly hired and carried out by dedicated instructors, has been expanded to our regional career-track employees, while our Mentor System now covers employees entering their second year of employment. These are examples of our initiatives to improve and expand our educational and training systems for younger staff, and to maintain environment that is conducive to learning.

Supporting Employees Trying to Earn Credentials

The Daiwa Securities Group encourages employees to improve their English skills in light of globalization and our corporate strategies of focusing on Asia.
We consider Financial Planner (AFP and CFP) and Securities Analyst qualifications as core requirements for our securities business. In particular we aim to have the highest number of employees in the industry accredited as Certified Financial Planners (CFPs). In addition, the company provides supports like subsidizing certification costs to facilitate our employees to enhance their professional skills of their fields of specialty.

Intra-Group Job Postings and the Career Path Change System

Daiwa Securities has instituted a Career Path Change System that enables non-career-track employees to transfer to career-track and regional career-track positions. In the five years from FY2009 to FY2013, 850 people moved to other positions through the system.
We have also instituted a system of intra-Group job postings for employees with skills and the desire to realize their potential to open new career paths. Since the year 2000, 904 employees have applied and 146 have succeeded.

Evaluation System

At the Daiwa Securities Group, we believe that a fair and well-accepted evaluation system is crucial to keep all employees highly motivated. For this purpose, we have implemented a multifaceted evaluation system for managers. This involves subordinates and related departments assessing each manager's job performances in carrying our duties and the results being fed back to the manager. With the scheme we intend to improve assessees' managerial skills and improve our overall productivity. We also take their compliance-relate performances into account.
In addition, we endeavor to create a personnel evaluation system that motivates all employees, regardless of years they are with us, whether they are young, middle of their careers, or experienced veterans, to challenge the next stage of their careers and to work in positions with bigger responsibilities.

Striving to Create a Pleasant Working Environment

Encouraging Work-Life Balance

One of the Daiwa Securities Group's targets is to achieve an advanced level of work-life balance. We are committed to pursuing working styles that enable employees to achieve a balance between their private and professional lives, and make efforts to create an environment in which both men and women can work in various ways.
We will continue to introduce initiatives designed to attract superior and diversified employees for our better performances.

Encouraging Women to Succeed

The Daiwa Securities Group promotes talented employees regardless of their gender. Promotions are based on fair evaluations, and we believe creating a work environment where people from diverse backgrounds can exercise their abilities fully will lead to improved corporate value.
In order to promote more female employees to managerial positions, we introduce noteworthy female employees in our internal publication to be role models and also provide opportunities for cross-company networking.

Initiatives to Improve Employee Health

The Daiwa Securities Group considers employee health an indispensable capital for both the company and society. Our Personnel Departments, Health Insurance Association, and occupational health staff work closely to improve employees' health.
These efforts to promote employees' health have substantially raised their health awareness and favorably affected the test results of regular health checkups. Thanks to these successes, in November 2013, we received an excellence award from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare in the ministry sponsored “2nd Smart Life Project Award (Let's extend healthy life expectancy!),” the highest award in the corporate division. Our initiatives have attracted much attention from other companies and local governments.

Mental Health

The Daiwa Securities Group's Health Support Promotion Department was established in August 2006 to help employees maintain and manage their mental and physical health. The Health Support Promotion Department has two certified clinical psychologists on its staff to provide consultations to support Group employees, as well as to their families. We have also established arrangements with outside specialists so that they can receive prompt attention.
We also arrange for occasional talks in all branches and departments to broaden awareness of mental health issues as a part of our strong support for employees' mental health.

Human Rights Initiative

The Daiwa Securities Group is strengthening efforts based on its corporate principles, the Act on Promotion of Education and Enlightenment of Human Rights, the United Nations Global Compact and ISO 26000, to educate its employees about human rights with the aim of improving a corporate culture rooted in the basic principles of human rights.

Basic Policy for Initiatives Addressing Human Rights and Social Integration Issus
  • (1)Daiwa Securities Group Inc. supports and complies with the protection of human rights as advocated internationally and does not infringe on human rights within the limits of its influence.
  • (2)The Daiwa Securities Group educates and instructs Group employees with accurate information on human rights and social integration issues.
  • (3)At the same time, the Group views human rights and social integration issues as our own problem, not somebody else's problem, and fosters a sensitivity that enables empathy with the suffering of others.
  • (4)We provide an equitable working environment that values people and is free of discrimination or human rights violations based on race, nationality, biological sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity.
  • (5)Each employee is a member of society unburdened by prejudice.
Specific Efforts
  • (1)We highly value the human rights of every stakeholder and our staff will always address clients, local communities and their members with great awareness of human rights.
  • (2)We work to ensure that our hiring and recruiting, personnel evaluations and labor management practices are always fair.
  • (3)The Group is continually improving internal human rights education and awareness programs, including regular training and feedback and response loops.

Revised on August 12, 2016: Human Rights Awareness Promotion Committee

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