Message from CEO

Seiji Nakata President and CEO Daiwa Securities Group Inc.

Seiji Nakata
President and CEO
Daiwa Securities Group Inc.

Promoting Sustainable Management

In 2018, Daiwa Securities Group Inc. established the SDGs Promotion Committee (later renamed the Sustainability Promotion Committee), which I chair for discussions about sustainability promotion measures. As required, the Board of Directors also deliberates the relevant measures to foster sustainability groupwide.

The Daiwa Securities Group upholds “Contributing to society” as one of its Corporate Principles, and promoting sustainability is not a new goal for us: we have long been committed to sustainability promotion as an integral part of our business activities, measures to solidify our management foundation and of our social contribution activities. We have systematized the promotion measures to enhance sustainable management as a basis to contribute to society appropriately in line with the needs of the times.

Going forward, we will continue to contribute to the development of society and the economy through financial and capital markets and make a groupwide effort to create a sustainable and prosperous society toward becoming an entity that is truly needed by all stakeholders. Please stay tuned for more initiatives about our sustainability-related measures.

Message from the Head of Sustainability

Keiko Tashiro Executive Head of Overseas Operations, Head of SDGs and Think Tank Daiwa Securities Group Inc.

Keiko Tashiro
Director, Deputy President
Executive Head of Overseas Operations,
Head of Sustainability and Think Tank
Daiwa Securities Group Inc.

Enhancing Corporate Value

The impact of the pandemic and the emergence of geopolitical risks have accelerated the imperative for companies to embrace sustainability-oriented business operations where they are not only expected to pursue economic returns, but also to minimize the negative impacts and maximize the positive impacts of their operations on the environment and society. As an integrated securities group, it is our pivotal mission to support fundraising symbolized by transition finance, which has gained significant attention as a financing mechanism for the transition to a carbon-neutral society.

The promotion of sustainable finance is the key for companies to ensure that contributing to sustainability through business is not just as a temporary movement, but a medium- to long-term strategy to increase their own resilience. Recognizing this, Daiwa Securities Group will enhance its system to promote sustainable finance in line with our “Vision 2030”. We will engage with both investors and issuers to help them understand its significance, and support the enhancement of corporate value that brings positive outcomes.

Companies are expected to assume the role of facilitators in addressing social issues. To meet this expectation, all employees will make a collaborative effort to establish a new cycle of funds that contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.