Structure of Sustainability Promotion

In 2018, Daiwa Securities Group has established the Sustainability Promotion Committee (formerly SDGs Promotion Committee) chaired by the President and CEO to discuss our policies on sustainability promotion.
The initiatives of sustainability are discussed in the Committee. The contents of discussions are reported to the Board of Directors and the Executive Management Committee when appropriate. Also, important policies on sustainability are reviewed and approved by the Board. We continue to enhance the Board’s supervisory function with regard to the progress on sustainability issues.
We always invite external experts to the Sustainability Promotion Committee (formerly SDGs Promotion Committee), which enables us to utilize their expertise and insights in its discussions.
Based on discussions made by the Committee, we are working to roll out sustainability promotion initiatives to the entire Group through the Corporate Planning Department’s Sustainability Promotion Office, as well as strengthening collaboration and raising awareness of sustainability within the Group.

Board of Directors

Executive Management Committee

Sustainability Promotion Committee (formerly SDGs Promotion Committee)

Chair : President and CEO Seiji Nakata

Head of Sustainability : Deputy President Keiko Tashiro

Internal Members, Outside Members

Sustainability Managers

Expert Working Group

Headquarters and
Group companies

Head Offices

Chair : Head of Sustainability

Sustainability-related Working Groups

Sustainable Business Working Group
(Headquarters, Group companies
and Major Overseas Offices)

ESG response Working
Group (Head Offices)

Sustainability Advisory Group
(Internal experts on SDGs/ESG)

Secretariat : Sustainability Promotion Office, Corporate Planning Department

Some Directors (including Non-Executive Directors) participate as SDGs Promotion Committee members.

Structure of Sustainability Promotion Structure of Sustainability Promotion

(As of April 2023)

Head of Sustainability : It oversees the promotion of the Group's sustainability-related business and the initiatives that strengthen our foundation of sustainable management.
Sustainability Managers : They take charge of the promotion of SDG-related business and monitor the progress against KPIs at each headquarter and Group company.
Sustainability Advisory Group : It is composed of personnel engaged in sustainability-related work within the Group. They discuss and share the information on sustainability based on their respective knowledge.
Sustainable Business Working Group : With oversight by the Sustainability Managers, the members monitor the progress against KPIs and the SDG-related business, identify issues, and implement countermeasures to solve those issues we face.
ESG Response Working Group : It expands and strengthens our response to ESG-related issues while taking into consideration our ESG evaluation by investors and rating agencies.