Future Outlook

The Group positions responding to sustainability, including climate change, as one of our important management challenges, and we are advancing various initiatives. Moving forward, we will continue to steadily promote strategic initiatives related to climate change, including efforts towards net-zero based on the "Daiwa Securities Group Carbon Neutral Declaration", and aim to achieve the "Vision 2030". Additionally, we will strive to enhance communication with stakeholders and further improve information disclosure based on the TCFD recommendations.

Figure 7-1 Future Actions/Response

  Next action
  • Strengthening the supervision of the board of directors (including the three committees) in relation to climate-related issues.
  • Continuously examining the financial impact of climate-related risks.
Risk Management
  • Continuously examining the integration of climate-related risks into the existing risk management system.
  • Continuously reviewing the environmental and social policy framework.
Target and Metrics
  • Setting intermediate targets for Scope 3 Category 15 and Financed Emissions that are consistent with the Paris Agreement, utilizing SBT and other methods.
  • Examining the calculation method for Facilitated Emissions.