Communication with Stakeholders

Daiwa Securities Group believes that how to understand social issues as a company is an important issue.
Given the recent rapid changes in economic society, social issues are expected to change with the times. As one of the means to keep track of the changing social issues, we attach great importance to communication with various stakeholders. Pursuing a balance between social value and economic value by guiding business to solve social issues identified through a wide range of stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, investors, local communities and NPOs.

Policy on Communication with Stakeholders

Basic Policy (1)
Daiwa Securities Group will strive to maintain two-way communication with a broad range of stakeholders based on ISO 26000 and the Charter of Corporate Behavior of Keidanren (Japan Business Federation).
Basic Policy (2)
The Group will strive to deepen communication with stakeholders already known to us, including customers, shareholders and other investors, business partners, employees and local communities.
Basic Policy (3)
The Group will strive to communicate actively with third-party institutions, organizations, and individuals, etc. with whom we have previously had no contact in order to identify other stakeholders.

Important external initiatives

Daiwa Securities Group has participated in, signed, and supports the initiatives described below to contribute to developing a sustainable society.