Support for culture and the arts


Daiwa Securities Group supports Yahoo! JAPAN Corporation’s DOCS for SDGs action plan for achieving the SDGs. Yahoo! JAPAN has posted documentary films on a special website, so be sure to watch them.

Documentary film
The Land of Hope: The Promises of the Technical Intern and the President (Japanese)

Documentary film The Land of Hope: The Promises of the Technical Intern and the President (Japanese)

SDGs Creative Award

The SDGs Creative Awardis a film contest that seeks to promote SDG education and initiatives by recognizing live-action films intended to solve social issues. Daiwa Securities Group supports this initiative, which was launched in FY2018 by holding the SDGs Creative Award Executive Committee meeting in Sapporo.

Third Daiwa Securities Group Award

“Garbage is a pop treasure! A global partnership across the ocean towards a world free of plastic pollution”

NGO LOOB is a non-governmental organization that has been engaged in youth development and community development in the Philippines since 2001. This video introduces the fair trade that has been implemented at LOOB since 2007, where waste juice packs are reused and upcycled.
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Second Daiwa Securities Group Award

Ryuzo Tanaka, Taki Corporation, “TAKI SMIKLE DESIGN LABO × Chonmagetai—Lala Tree” (Japanese)

First Daiwa Securities Group Award

Yusaku Kanagawa, “Verde Africa Forever” (Japanese)

Children’s Art Exhibit Held

With cooperation from the Japan National Council of Social Welfare and the National Council of Children’s Homes, we borrowed paintings created by children living in children’s homes and displayed them to provide an opportunity for more people to deepen understanding of these children.

Other Support Programs

Daiwa Securities Group continues to provide support to promote sports, culture, and the arts.