Our Values

Corporate Principles

Amid rapid changes in the world, such as social conditions and the global environment, the Daiwa Securities Group values its Corporate Principles as "something that never changes."

Building trust
The trust and approval of customers form the very foundation of the Daiwa Securities Group. The Group will always place the needs of customers first, and strive to develop the advanced, specialized skills to offer them the most attractive products and services of any securities group.
Placing importance on personnel
The source of the Group's competitiveness lies in the capabilities of its employees. The Group will promote the creativity of employees by offering them a challenging and self-directed working environment that encourages their abilities and appropriately rewards their contributions.
Contributing to society
The Daiwa Securities Group will seek to benefit the economy and society through the development of healthy financial markets. In addition to scrupulously observing both regulations and internal policies, the Group will strive to maintain a high sense of morality and duty, endeavoring to continue contributing to the sustainable growth of the societies in which we operate.
Maintaining healthy earnings results
The Group will always seek to develop healthy business operations and to increase corporate value for the benefit of shareholders. By providing customers with attractive products and services, the Daiwa Securities Group will seek to generate strong profits and healthy returns for shareholders.

Daiwa Spirit

Our corporate culture has been nurtured since the foundation of our business. After analyzing it using our corporate principle as a compass, we sorted out the basic philosophy and mindset inherent in our group and articulated them as the Daiwa Spirit, our behavioral guidelines.

  1. 1. Exercises self-discipline and complies fully with the law, recognizing that sustainable growth hinges on winning the trust of customers, financial and capital markets, and society at large.
  2. 2. Secures sound profits by contributing to societal and economic development through its actions in financial and capital markets.
  3. 3. Exerts unflagging efforts to build strong, sustainable, trust-based customer relations.
  4. 4. Continues to pioneer products and services in financial and capital markets, with each employee fulfilling his/her mission with confidence and pride.
  5. 5. Cultivates unbeatable competitiveness to overcome challenges, underpinned by strong company-employee trust and solidarity between colleagues.
  6. 6. Aims to be the securities group with the highest ambitions, a positive attitude that turns hardships into opportunity, and unmatched speed.

Daiwa Securities Group Priority Issues (Materiality)

While society faces a broad range of issues, we have identified the issues that the Group must address as priorities.
We have identified "Finance," "Technology," "Regions," and "Life" as important issues in the "business area," and "corporate governance," "compliance," and "risk management," as important issues in the "basic area" that support them.

Process of Identifying Materiality

Up until now, the Group has used its Corporate Principles as its foundation, with "CSR Priority Issues" and "Materiality in CSR" as the basis of its CSR activities.
In 2018, we established the "SDGs Promotion Committee" chaired by Seiji Nakata, President and CEO, and we clearly stated in our "Passion for SDGs - Daiwa Securities Group SDGs Declaration -" that we would actively promote initiatives that contribute to the SDGs through our Group business.
Based on this declaration, we have gathered information on a wide range of initiatives related to the SDGs. In addition, we established an SDGs working group of voluntary employees and examined the ideal image of the Group. From the cases we gathered information on, we identified the initiatives that should now be deepened further and new issues to be started in the Group.
We summarized the issues identified from this bottom-up analysis by collating them with the demands from society, which we uncovered through communication with stakeholders and the knowledge of outside experts. Then, after discussions at the SDGs Promotion Committee, we finalized the "Daiwa Securities Group's Materiality."