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This website uses RSS to distribute information.

What is RSS ?

RSS is a technology that distributes information such as website outlines and article captions. This system allows you to effectively access new and updated information from multiple websites.

Using RSS

To use RSS, you will need "RSS reader" software, or an RSS-enabled browser. Entering an RSS link into the RSS reader will enable you to view an RSS feed.

RSS Feeds

To view a feed with an RSS reader, click on the icons below, or manually enter the URL in the RSS reader.
If you are using an internet browser that does not support RSS distribution such as Internet Explorer 6, please add the following URLs to your RSS reader.
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Terms of Use

  • The content of the RSS feeds provided by this website are subject to change or cancellation without prior notice.
  • Service may be temporarily suspended without prior notice due to system maintenance.
  • The content and format of RSS feeds may change without prior notice.
  • Copyright resides with Daiwa Securities Group for all RSS feeds sent from this site.
  • We are unable to answer any questions, provide any support with regard to RSS, nor respond to inquiries from third parties about the software.
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