Developing Sound Financial and Capital Markets for the Next Generation

Improving compliance awareness

Daiwa Securities Group rigorously observes regulations and exercises self-discipline so that it can contribute to the sustainable growth of society while maintaining high ethical standards. We conduct training programs for new graduates when they join the Group, and continue through regularly scheduled training sessions throughout their careers, thus ensuring that every employee is aware of, and thoroughly understands, compliance issues.
The Group trains its employees so that even when the Group pursues new business ventures in areas where the regulatory structure is incomplete, they can return to the basic approach of laws and regulations, act sincerely in light of socially accepted ideas and common sense, and maintain strong self-discipline and legal awareness.
As basic standards that should be fulfilled at a bare minimum, the Group has formulated Group Minimum Standards for securing information, preventing insider trading, and eliminating relationships with anti-social forces. Based on these standards, the Group aims to further improve awareness of compliance.
Refer to the Management Report section of our CSR Report for more details.>>

Initiatives for economics and finance education

Capitalizing on accumulated financial and economic expertise to make public contributions, the Daiwa Securities Group engages in business-academia collaborations and supports programs for junior and senior high school students as well as teachers. We believe that economic and financial education is important in helping young people develop the capacity to build their own lives and shape the future world.
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The Daiwa Securities Group is a supporter of KidZania, a theme park designed to provide children from the age of three through to junior high school students with work experiences and has established securities consulting pavilions at their facilities in Tokyo and Koshien (near Osaka). Children gain an insight into the workings of a company, the importance of finance, and the functions that a financial services company fulfills, thus improving their financial literacy.



Finance Park

Junior Achievement Japan has established Finance Parks in Shinagawa, Tokyo and another in Kyoto with the goal of providing a space where junior high school students can learn to develop and practice life-planning skills where we have set up pseudo-branches. Finance Parks are now operated in Shinagawa, Kyoto, Iwaki City in Fukushima Prefecture, and Sendai City in Miyagi Prefecture.


Finance Park, Shinagawa

Student Company Program (Hands-on Company Management Program)

The Daiwa Securities Group cooperates with the Student Company Program, operated by Junior Achievement Japan. The program teaches high school students about corporate management and organization by allowing them to run a real company. In FY2013, students from a Tokyo metropolitan high school incorporated a company as part of their extracurricular activities. Group employees served as outside directors for six months and provided advice concerning company management.

Council for Economic Education Japan (CEE-Japan)

The Daiwa Securities Group is a sponsor of CEE-Japan to help provide economic education training for school teachers. Under a partnership with CEE-US, CEE-Japan seeks to implement programs tailored for Japanese schools.

Holding seminars on economic and financial education (with sign language and closed captioning)

The Daiwa Securities Group holds events that give participants opportunities to learn about economic and financial systems (on a non-regular basis).


Financial Planning Classroom for Beginners

Books from Daiwa

Keizai Nazotokitai: Okane-no-honto-wo-shiru
(Let's learn about the facts of money)

Written by Susumu Okano (Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd.)
The Asahi Gakusei Shimbun Co.
The book provides simple explanations of the entire economy, from the birth of money to the recent global financial crisis. Readers will be able to see global economic trends and gain a basic knowledge of money to live a life wisely.
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Keizai Nazotokitai:
(Let's learn about the facts of money)

Economics: Principles & Practices

Written by Gary E. Clayton
Translated into Japanese by the Products Planning Dept. of Daiwa Securities
Translation supervised by the Business Education Services Dept. of Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd.
WAVE Publishers Co., Ltd.
The 1999 edition of “Economics: Principles & Practices,” a textbook widely used by high school students in the US, was translated into Japanese by the Product Planning Dept. of Daiwa Securities and the Education and Training Dept. of Daiwa Institute of Research. The book explains the economic system, including how goods prices are determined, in an easy-to-understand way.


Economics: Principles & Practices

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