Daiwa Securities Group's SDGs Declaration (Passion for SDGs 2018)

Daiwa Securities Group's SDGs Declaration

(Passion for SDGs 2018)

Daiwa Securities Group recognize Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as overarching goals to lead the world. Through our group business, we will work actively for realization of a prosperous society and improved people's life by pursuing both company's economic values and solution of social challenges at the same time.

Creation of Shared values

As an integrated securities group that provides wide range of services for various customer needs, we will address solutions of social challenges with flexible mindset to create company's economic values and social values at the same time.

Stakeholders and Partnership

By utilizing our group quality of taking a leading role in connecting countries, companies and investors, we aim for contribution to various social business solutions through partnership with each of our stakeholders.

Developing and realizing work styles for diverse human resources

With measures like promotion of better work-life balance and success of female and veteran employees to create working environment in which our employees, regardless of their gender and age, would feel satisfying to work and they would demonstrate their potential fully, we will endeavor to develop diverse human capital and work styles.

Increase recognition and enhance penetration

We will try to increase awareness and deeper understanding of SDGs among both our employees and customers through our group business as a main player in financial and capital market.

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)
SDGs are a universal call adopted in UN summit in Sept. 2015 for the next 15 years. It sets 17 goals and 169 targets to realize a sustainable world. It discusses the behavior of not only the developing countries but also developed countries including Japan, and it ensures "No one will be left behind".
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